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3 Sure Signs You Need a New Roof

There can be no overstating the importance that a roof plays in the overall construction of a home. It is an essential component that helps to protect homeowners and their families from the exterior elements. What's more, a roof protects against pests and parasites, improves energy efficiency, protects indoor air quality, and improves a property's curb appeal.


While roofs are durable and long-lasting, they don't last forever. Eventually, every property will need to install a new roof. In this blog post, the experts at Century Roofing in Calgary will highlight 3 sure signs that you need a new roof. These include the signs of water damage, missing or broken shingles, and the age of the roof itself.


1. Your Roof Is Old

Every roof will age differently, based on a number of factors including prevailing weather conditions and roofing materials. Broadly speaking, a roof will last for around 30 years, though this can vary from 15 years to 100-plus years.

It is important to keep a note of when your roof was installed and have an idea of when it will reach the end of its expected lifespan. An older roof is more likely to experience issues which, if ignored, could ultimately prove costly to resolve.


2. Missing or Broken Singles

When roof shingles are missing, broken, or torn, your roof will not be properly protected from the elements. This will also reduce your home's energy efficiency and make it more susceptible to pest infestation.

A roof that is missing several tiles or shingles may also face issues with structural integrity. Depending on the cause of the issue and its severity, either roof repairs or replacement for a damaged roof may be required.


3. Water Damage

Damp patches, watermarks, and signs of mildew in the upper parts of your home could point to water damage.

Water leaks can have a major impact on a property, including electrical issues which increase the potential for fires. Leaks can also result in mould growth, which can be damaging to the health of you and your family.

Another sign of frequent exposure to moisture is if your roof is sagging in the middle. In normal conditions, a roof should follow a straight line. A sagging roof may also point to fault roofing materials.

If you notice signs of water damage, speak to our team about the best solution for your roof and property.


Sure Signs You Need a New Roof

Getting a new roof can be a large project, so it is essential that you choose an experienced and qualified roofing contractor. In Calgary, your premier choice for customized roofing is always Century Roofing. 

We have been providing both residential and commercial roofing services since 1981 and are committed to ensuring quality work with every project. If you want to learn more about how to get a new roof, simply contact us today and you will receive a free estimate.