3 Tips for Making Your Roof More Energy Efficient

If you have noticed that your gas or electricity bills spike in the summer, you are not alone. Many people suffer in the heat rather than cranking their A/C because of additional costs and energy use. However, you can cool down your home without harming the environment (or your wallet) simply by making your roof more energy efficient.

Choose the Right Material

The most important step to having an energy efficient roof is choosing materials that will affect the UV ray absorption. The best roof materials will reflect UV rays instead of absorbing them. Even better roofs will have high emission levels, meaning that if they do absorb the heat, they are effective at emitting it back out. The best materials include the following:

  • Tiles are made of either clay or concrete. Tiles are very weather resistant, although they may crack during extreme hail storms. Tiles do not emit much heat, but they do a good job of avoiding UV ray absorption.
  • Green roofs are more beneficial in urban areas. They can help to reduce the urban heat island effect that is so common. Avoiding urban heat with green roofs can make for more energy efficiency not just for one home, but for an entire community. Green roofs also offer more insulation for your attic or top floors.
  • Metal roofs are most often made of steel or aluminum. It may seem counter-intuitive that this type of roof would work so well, but they are actually extremely effective because they do a great job of reflecting heat into the air.

Make It a Cool Roof

Logic will tell you that a lighter coloured roof will be cooler than a darker coloured one. This logic is correct. If you want a simple and inexpensive way to cool down your roof, you can apply materials that will make it a lighter colour. This is cheaper than replacing your roof completely with new materials.

Insulate Your Attic

To get the most out of your energy efficient roof, you should make sure that your attic is also properly insulated. A fan will help to keep the air cool and circulating, but good insulation will keep the outside heat from making the air too hot.

When you want to get your household running as efficiently as possible, start with the roof. If you follow these tips, you'll not only make your home more energy efficient, you'll lower your electricity or gas bills as well. Contact our Calgary roofers at Century Roofing to learn more today.