4 Steps for Successful Fall Roof Maintenance in Calgary

Fall has arrived in Calgary, and it's only a matter of time before winter follows and blows in full force. For the next several months, your home's roof will have to withstand strong winds, heavy snow, melting water, and compacted ice. How sure are you that it won't develop a leak which could lead to costly damages?

If you just follow these four simple steps, then you won't have to worry about unexpected damages or leaks that put the rest of your home in jeopardy:

Step 1 - Clean and inspect the gutters

Regularly cleaning the gutters is perhaps the most important step you can take towards ensuring that your roof lasts as long as it is supposed to. When gutters become clogged they prevent the roof from draining properly, making it susceptible to moisture damage. Be sure to clean the gutters of leaves and debris, and inspect them for leaks and damage while you're at it.

Step 2 - Clear roof debris to prevent ice dams

Ice dams, which occur when snow accumulates, melts, and freezes again as ice, are a common problem on sloped roofs in colder climates. Ice dams can cause major drainage issues and moisture damage. Roof debris such as twigs, leaves, and branches can contribute to the formation of ice dams during the winter months, as they make it easier for snow to build up on your roof.

Step 3 - Maintain the property around your home

You can give yourself a much easier time with roof maintenance every fall if you give some thought to maintaining the property around your home. For example, it is a good idea to trim branches that are hanging over your roof, or cut down trees that are leaning against your house.

Step 4 - Schedule a roof inspection from a professional Calgary roofer

If you notice any potential problem areas while cleaning your gutters and your roof, or if you just want peace of mind for the winter, then you should schedule a professional roofing inspection with Century Roofing Limited. You can rely on our friendly and experienced roofing contractors to perform the necessary maintenance and repairs that will help your roof tough out every winter storm. Contact us right now to schedule an inspection for a time that works for you.