5 Potential Problems to Check in Maintaining Your Roof

What would a house be without a roof? The walls, nails, and foundations of your residence all exist to support this covering. Because your roof has to protect your family, your belongings, or even your business, you need to take care of it.

Inspect your roof or call a Calgary roofer once or twice a year (or after any extreme weather conditions) to stop small problems with your roof from becoming major disasters. Watch out for these common issues during your examination:

1. Stains

Stains (visible black or brown spots) on your roof may indicate that mould has started growing into your shingles. Mould like this can quickly cause the shingles to deteriorate. Depending on the amount of growth, some mouldy shingles can be cleaned with household cleaners or a combination of water and bleach. Just be careful when standing or moving around on your roof because shingles can become slippery very fast.

2. Loose Granules

If you've ever been on an asphalt roof, you've felt the granules of stone in the shingles. When shingles age, they start to shed those granules. Even new shingles will shed a few of these stones, but old shingles that need to be replaced will start to look bald, and most of their granules will end up in the troughs and down pipes of your gutters. Because these granules create a large portion of the protection shingles offer, balding shingles should be replaced.

3. Sags in the Roofline

Sagging depressions in your roof could be an indication that water from a leak is starting to swell and rotting the wood beams of your roof. If left alone, sags can cause part of your roof to collapse. However, most sags are not nearly as severe or noticeable upon first glance. Check your roof for sags after heavy snow and rainstorms.

4. Higher-than-Average Energy Bills

The shingles on, and insulation in, your roof act as the main source of heating and air conditioning retention in your home. If your energy bill is higher than usual, you may need to replace your roof or repair areas where too much air is escaping.

5. Gutters Full of Debris

Cleaning your gutters of debris and shingle granules (mentioned above) each season will allow the water to run safely away from your house. If gutters are clogged, that water can seep underneath shingles and through your roof, causing water damage that is expensive to repair.

A roofing contractor can help you assess the general health of your roof and advise you on the proper course for repair or replacement. If you need additional help with your roof in Calgary and surrounding areas, contact Century Roofing Limited today!