5 Potential Roofing Problems to Watch For

When you're the brand-new owner of an older home, it can be difficult to decide what to fix up first. It really comes down to personal priorities. However, projects left untouched for too long can lead to larger problems. Roof repair is one of these scenarios. If you know that the roof of your new house hasn't been repaired or updated in a while, it would be wise to get it inspected.

Here are a few problems you might find:

Dirty or Damaged Gutters

When thinking of roof repairs, your gutters aren’t always top-of-mind, but keeping them clean and clear of debris can do a lot to keep your roof safe. If your gutters are cluttered with debris, the water will have nowhere to go but onto your roof (and possibly through it). The overflowing water can leak down your walls, which will not only leave them streaked and dirty, but susceptible to leaking as well. In addition, the weightier the gutters get, the more likely the brackets are to break and send the gutters crashing down.

Missing or Damaged Shingles

Missing or damaged shingles not only look bad, they're also a warning sign. Missing shingles provide wind and rain easy access to the interior of your home—if they're not replaced in a timely manner, your house's structure will be compromised.

Incorrectly Installed Flashing

Flashing is the material that seals your roof in those places in which it's been penetrated, such as chimneys, vents, and skylights. Poorly installed or damaged flashing can cause those seals to open up and let moisture inside. It can also cause loose tiles or shingles, which will lead to the same problem.


Your heating and cooling systems are some of your roof's weakest points. If you don't have working or efficient ventilation, moisture will build up in your attic and eaves, which can compromise your home’s structure, damage your insulation, and create a perfect breeding ground for mildew and mould.

Overhanging Tree Limbs

Ordinary overhanging tree limbs can rub away at your shingles, and the heavy variety can cause even more extensive damage. Trim your trees as far away from your house as possible to avoid expensive roofing repairs. If you don't have experience with tree trimming, hire a Calgary roofing contractor to come out and take care of it for you. Working with heights and unfamiliar tools is a dangerous combination.

If you're a brand-new homeowner, call your local Calgary roofing contractor to take a look at your roof. We can tell you if you have structural problems or warn you of any potential problems to keep an eye on. To schedule an appointment with a Century Roofing professional, call us at 403-235-5457.