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5 Roof Maintenance Tips for Lasting Roofline

The roof is the most important part of your house. Without it, you'd be suffering in the scorching heat, get wet in the rain and freeze during the winters. It protects you and gives you shelter no matter what. In our busy lives' today we tend to lose sight of the essentials. Experts recommended that roofs be checked at least twice a year, ideally during spring and the fall. Roof maintenance is crucial, so make sure you keep it in the back of your head. At Century Roofing Limited, understand the importance of a strong, durable roof and make sure that your roof is safe and secure for you to live under. We believe that you deserve the best services and that is exactly what we offer.

Here are a few roof maintenance tips which will help you achieve a lasting roofline.

1. Give your trees timely cuts

If you have a surrounding landscape and big trees around your property, ensure that the tree branches don't grow in ways that impact your roof directly. Sometimes branches nearby a property tend to overgrow and cause considerable damage to the roof. Make sure to trim or remove them if they are too close to the roof. This will keep your roof secure by avoiding puncturing and damaged shingles. Additionally, it will reduce the risk of full-blown holes, scratches and gouges. Also, leaves might gather on the roof and rot there which in turn can cause your roof to rot. Clean it to ensure that your roof is healthy and airy.

2. Clean out the accumulated debris

Climbing up the ladder and clearing out the dirt or debris from the gutters can add to the lifespan of your roof. Fallen leaves, dirt and other substances tend to block the gutter system. This can lead to standing water and eventually water seepage, which will not only affect your roof but also the walls of your house. To avoid this, it is advisable that you get your roof cleaned or clean it yourself every quarter of the year. It will also help you identify issues with the roof such as damage in the drainage system or clogged gutters and you can get them replaced or repaired in due time.

3. Pay attention to insulation

The sheathing and rafting of your roof may subject to rotting due to extreme heat or moisture. The insulation will then lose its effectiveness and the roof materials will buckle due to the absence of proper ventilation. This will cause your entire roofing system to collapse. Proper insulation is the best in order to achieve proper ventilation and airflow. It is advisable that for roof maintenance to protect your house from heat loss or gain you need to include a layer of gap-free insulation as well as a vapour retarder besides the ceiling and below the insulation to determine that moisture doesn't rise into the attic. It is also a good idea to keep a minimum of the 1-inch distance between the insulation and roof sheathing to have open, vented spaces for more airflow.

4. Beware of streaking

The colour of your roof says a lot, pay attention to it. The sections of your roof that are exposed to shade for long periods of time tend to be affected by mold, fungus and even algae. In case it isn't checked on it can deteriorate the quality of your roof considerably, further reducing its lifespan and also causing leaks. In order to completely get your hands off the mold situation try installing zinc strips along the edges of your roof. They are environment-friendly and provide long-term protection from moss, fungus, algae, mildew and more.

5. Look out for shingle damage

Shingles are exposed to the everyday wear and tear of nature. These different elements can cause shingles to get dilapidated and break down completely. The roof structure and interior space of your house may be at the risk of water seepage and even rot. Make sure to check for damage and keep an eye on the current condition of the shingles. If you have an attic that has been properly insulated, it is crucial that you keep a check for water seepage and weak shingles after a heavy storm.

Your roof keeps you safe, make sure to check on it sometimes. Keep these tips handy and make good use of them to keep your roof healthy and give it a long lasting life. Timely inspections will ensure that both the interior and the exterior of your house are striving.

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