7 Things to Know Before Choosing a Metal Roof

Are you considering your roofing options for your home in Calgary? There are many roof types, and among them, a metal roof is a beautiful and durable option. But is it right for your home?

Before investing in metal roofing, you need to consider these important details.



1. The Lifespan of Your Roof

A metal roof is quite durable, lasting between 25 years to 70 years. In comparison, asphalt roofs usually only last around 12-20 years. 

Thinner metal roofs with a gauge between 26 and 29 don't last as long as 22 to 24-gauge roofs.

Durability and strength are two reasons that homeowners often choose metal for their roofs. A properly installed metal roof can last you as long as you own the house.


2. Weather Resistance

One of the biggest benefits of metal roofs is that this type is more resistant to extreme weather.

How well will your roof hold up in extreme winter weather? Considering snow depths of more than 1 cm are seen for roughly 88 days each year here in Calgary, durability should play a big deciding factor.


3. Cost

Metal roofs can cost more than other types, especially asphalt roofs. How much does metal roofing in Calgary cost? It can range from $6 to $19 per square foot.

COVID-19 had a profound impact on commodity prices, such as metal. As a result, current prices may vary.

Steel is one of the most common types, but other options include aluminum, tin, copper, zinc, and corrugated. There are also different styles, such as slate, shake, or tile-inspired and standing seam.


4. Roof Pitch

The pitch of your roof determines the type of materials you can use. Standing seam metal roofs will work on even very steep pitches of .25 /12.

The recommended pitch range is 1/12 to 19/12.


5. Sustainability and Energy-Efficiency

One of the biggest benefits of metal roofs is that they're sustainable and energy-efficient.

Metal roofs consist of at least 25% recycled materials. They're also completely recyclable, so you reduce your impact on the environment.

Metal can also reflect solar heat, which will keep a home cooler in warmer months.


6. Prone to Dents

Metal roofs are quite durable and weather resistant, even against snow and ice, but they can get dented. The most common reason metal roofs get dented includes hail and damage from falling branches.

However, some metal roofs have guarantees that can give you more peace of mind.

Also, certain types of metal are more durable than others. Steel is far more durable than aluminum and copper.


7. Can Be Noisy

Metal can be noisier than other roofing materials, especially during rain or thunderstorms. However, solid sheathing and insulation can help reduce the sound.

Proper installation also plays a big part in how quiet your roof sounds. Quality underlayment can help tremendously.


Install a Metal Roof Today

There are plenty of factors to consider before installing a metal roof, but it can certainly prove a good investment. Not only do metal roofs last, but they're also stylish and more eco-friendly.

If you're ready to install a metal roof on your home and you're looking for a Calgary roofing company, connect with us at Century Roofing Limited and get a free estimate.