Building a New Structure? Choose Reflective Roofing

Today’s construction materials are better designed to save money, conserve energy, and improve the comfort inside the structure. One such element is reflective roofing. The idea behind reflective roofing is to have lighter colours that reflect the sun’s visible, infrared, and ultraviolet wavelengths, thus keeping the overall interiors cooler. 

Whether you need a new roof or to upgrade your existing roof, the team at Century Roofing Limited is happy to answer your questions and concerns about reflective roofing, also known as cool roofing. We encourage you to stay as well-informed as possible, so your roofing needs are met.

Reasons to Choose a Cool Roof for Your Home or Business
There are several options to choose from for your roofing needs. A cool roof can bring you increased comfort while lowering your utility bills. Consider these benefits of selecting reflective materials for your next roofing project:

• The interior of your building is much more comfortable. One of the advantages of reflective roofing is the significant decrease in heat transfer to your home or business. As the sun’s rays are directed back into the atmosphere, your roof, attic, and interior spaces stay cooler. When the interior stays cooler, less humidity is allowed to build up, thus decreasing moisture and mold accumulation. In the end, you have better comfort and cleaner air.
• You save money on your utility bills. As summer burns on, your air conditioning unit works harder. With each hot day, your electric bill runs higher. As your home’s interior stays cooler with reflective roofing materials, your cooling unit works less hard. The less your central air runs, the more money back in your pocket. You might even see a decrease in your HVAC repair costs as well.
• Your contribution to the “heat island effect” decreases. Any time increased energy consumption occurs, additional fossil fuels are used and then emitted into the air. In urban areas, a microclimate phenomenon develops where the concentration of asphalt and concrete absorbs the sun’s heat and creates a heat bubble. With a cool roof, less of the sun’s heat is absorbed, thus it is a little cooler in the surrounding area.
• The lifespan of your roof increases. There is no argument that the elements wear down your roof and decrease its lifespan. The sun’s UV rays are especially damaging. Because a reflective roof directs those rays away from the structure, the effects of UV damage are substantially minimized. For long-term benefits, consider installing a metal roof.
• You might receive cost-saving rebates. Depending on where you live, your municipality or utility company may offer rebates and incentives to those who choose reflective roofing. Call your utility company to see what incentives they offer.

Trusted Roofing Contractors in Calgary
Save money and help the environment when you choose a cool roof for your home or business. The Century Roofing Limited team is here to assist with your reflective roofing needs in Calgary. We are happy to chat with you and help you assess the best roofing materials for your next construction project or your roof upgrade.

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