Calgary Roof Repair and Maintenance

Your roof, like other parts of your home or building, requires ongoing maintenance to prevent leaks, and to identify minor problems before they become costly major problems, in order to maximize the amount of time before you need to replace your roof. Roofs are exposed to sunlight, rain, snow, hail, wind, and temperature changes that gradually break down the roofing materials.

The Homeowner Protection Office (HPO), a branch of BC Housing - a provincial Crown agency under the Ministry of Natural Gas Development, is one of many Canadian agencies supporting homeowners, along with businesses like Century Roofing Limited, helping to protect your second most valuable asset behind your family, your home.

Together with walls and windows, roofs are a primary component of a building that keeps out the rain and protects the inside of the building and contents. Most multi-unit residential buildings use some form of low-slope roofing, while townhouse buildings and single detached houses generally use steep-slope roofing. Both roof types are used in some buildings.

Low-slope or ‘flat’ roofs have a waterproof membrane and a series of drains throughout the roof area to remove water from the roof surface. Steep-slope roofs have overlapping roofing materials to create a surface that, together with gravity, sheds water effectively into a drainage system such as eavestroughs or gutters. Steep-slope roofing materials include asphalt or fibreglass shingles, cedar shakes, slate tiles, concrete or clay tile, or sheet metal panels.

Roofs should be inspected twice a year: in the spring to address any winter damage that may have occurred, and in the fall to prepare for the upcoming winter snow and rain. Your roof should also be inspected, including flashings and other accessories, after any storm with high winds (check for loose, broken or missing shingles), extreme rain or hail, or if construction has taken place on the roof area. The inspection should also include the underside of roof structure or decks, and the outside of the building, as these areas may indicate potential problems with your roof.

As resident and/or property owner, you should visually identify any maintenance concerns, such as a possible roof problems causing damage to the ceilings or walls inside the home. However, all inspections and maintenance should be performed by a qualified professional who:

  • Is familiar with the roofing system used on your building,
  • Knows how to identify potential problems, and,
  • Who knows how to take the necessary safety precautions while carrying out an inspection or maintenance.

Whether you’ve noticed problems or simply want to extend your roof’s life, put Century Roofing Limited to work for you. For the full article from the HPO, visit, and call Century Roofing Limited today at 403-235-5457 to schedule a free estimate for roof repair at your home or business.