Roofing Contractor for Your Insurance Claim in Calgary

Hiring a Roofing Contractor for Your Insurance Claim in Calgary

The Insurance Bureau of Canada says the frequency, severity and cost of extreme weather in Canada are increasing, with Alberta leading the way. Annual payouts from flooding, fire, hail, and windstorms continue to increase. According to an April 2016 Calgary Sun article, of the top ten hazards and risks in Calgary:

  • Hail accounts for 6 percent of mitigation strategy efforts; and
  • Windstorms account for another 8 percent (Calgary reports an average of 13 days/year with wind speeds exceeding 63 km/hour); with 
  • Blizzards, flooding, fire, infrastructure failure, major planned events, telecommunications failure, energy supply emergency, and rail incidents accounting for the balance.

The reality is that property owners need to learn how to protect themselves from all sorts of disasters, whether it’s through fire-resistant shingles or better planning of greenery around the home – supported by a comprehensive insurance plan. But what happens if something happens and you need to file a claim for your damaged roof. What happens when your insurance company suggests a preferred roofing contractor? Do you go with your insurer or get other quotes?

Insurers started the preferred service provider lists to make the claims process easier. Insurers can establish quality standards, timelines, and even price guidelines with the contractors on their lists. Some even require their contractors to take customer service training. However, insurers don’t require policyholders with claims to use preferred contractors.

Here are the benefits of using a preferred contractor:

  • It speeds up the claims process - a preferred contractor can start the work soon after filing a claim. 
  • Contractors that are recommended by insurance companies can have a certain level of accountability over them to perform.
  • A lengthy relationship with the insurance company with a preferred contractor may be an indication of stability and a history of serving their clients well.
  • It minimizes price gouging - insurers often work out lower rates for services with preferred contractors ahead of time, ensuring a steady stream of business. 
  • The work is guaranteed – and if you’re not satisfied, alert your insurance company, which gets problems corrected while putting the repair company on notice that work must be done right. 
  • Policyholders may qualify for discounts for using the preferred vendor.

While using a preferred contractor can make life easier for you, you still need to make sure the contractor is licensed and carries liability and workers compensation insurance and request proof. At Century Roofing Limited, to protect our customers, we have liability insurance coverage for all our projects. When we use subcontractors, we do not authorize them to work until they prove they have workers’ compensation coverage. We have established a reputation within the insurance community for our integrity, commitment to quality, and superb customer service. We are proud of our soaring referral rate, as well as our achievement of “preferred contractor” status with the insurance companies.

Roofing Contractors in Calgary

If you’d like to learn more about Century Roofing Limited’s “preferred contractor” status in Calgary, call us at 403-235-5457 today. With an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, Century Roofing Ltd. is your local Calgary roofer you can trust to happily answer any questions or provide you with a free roofing estimate.