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Can You Put Metal Roof Over Shingles

The typical roof lasts a quarter-century. When yours starts to show signs of wear, you start to weigh your options — and perhaps you've found evidence that you don't have to remove your existing roof at all. 


Instead, you might have heard that you can have metal roofing installed over your existing shingles. This process seems almost too good to be true, but is it? 


Here's all you need to know about installing metal roofing in Calgary and beyond. 


Can I Have Metal Roofing Installed Over Shingles? 

In short, it depends. 


You'll need to know a bit about your roof's history to determine if you can have metal roofing installed over your existing shingles. How many layers of old roofs lay beneath the surface? 


If you have two roof layers, most building codes will require you to remove and replace them with an entirely new one. However, if you have one layer of roofing only, then you could add another on top. 


You should check with Calgary roofing experts to see if your roof is a candidate for metal roofing, especially if you want it installed over the shingles you already have. 


Why Should I Choose Metal Roofing in Calgary? 

Metal roofing is a good idea for people all over the country and a slew of different reasons


First of all, metal roofing lasts much longer than other options — in some cases, they can endure for a half-century. And this makes them a much more cost-effective option amongst different roofing styles that last between 20 to 30 years. 


On top of that, metal roofing is more or less fireproof. That's why it became such a popular option for roofs in recent years — it's a more significant line of defence against house damage, and not just from blazes. 


Metal roofing can also protect your home from termite damage, rot and mould. Because metal roofing heats up a bit more quickly than other materials, it can help the snow melt and slide off more quickly — a boon to homeowners in Calgary. 


Interestingly, though, a metal roof can be more energy-efficient than other materials, too. You might opt for a reflective coating on your roof so that it reflects more light. This will help keep your home cooler in the summer. 


And, when it comes time to get rid of your metal roofing, know that you have a very green option for doing so. You can recycle a metal roof, so you can feel good about choosing a waste-free material to cover your home. 


Go For Metal Roofing

Metal roofing in Calgary and beyond is a great choice for homeowners looking to protect their home and get the most bang for their buck in doing so. Plus, you might be able to install metal roofing over your existing shingles — which will save you more money and time along the way. 


Ready to get started? Then contact us today for a free estimate, and we can map out the metal roofing options for your home.