Cleaning Gutters to Prevent Snow and Ice Buildup on Calgary Roofs

Water is easily the biggest threat to the safety and structural integrity of any home. It causes support structures to rot and runs you steep repair costs. It also promotes the growth of dangerous mould and bacteria, which can pose a health hazard for all of the inhabitants of the house.

It is important that all of the precipitation which falls on the roof of your Calgary home - whether in the form of rain or snow - is diverted away from the roof and the house. Your home's gutter system is instrumental in collecting water and making sure that it doesn't stick around to cause leaks and damages.

In order for the gutters to do their job correctly, however, they need to be properly cleaned in preparation for the winter to come. Calgary has so far been lucky enough to see an unseasonably mild fall, but our coldest months are just around the corner. If you haven't cleaned your gutters already, then it is best to get the job done before the real chill sets in.

There are two main reasons why you need to make sure that your gutters are not clogged by debris, such as leaves and twigs. The first is that, when it becomes saturated with water, the debris will freeze and cause your eavestroughs to warp in shape, leading to possible damage. Secondly, the debris will then act as a dam and cause snow and ice to build up on your roof. This buildup will not only put excess strain on your roof, but it will create puddles of standing water that can cause damage and roof leaks.

On top of taking the time to clean your gutters before winter hits, you'll want to make sure that your home is equipped with high-quality and professionally installed eavestroughs. A roof can only drain properly if the eavestroughs are properly fitted and correctly pitched by a Calgary roofing company such as Century Roofing Limited.

An experienced Calgary roofer, along with other roofing supplies, Century Roofing Limited can be trusted to fit your home with eavestroughing that is up to the job of getting your roof through a Calgary winter. Contact Century Roofing Limited today to schedule an appointment with a Calgary roofer.