Consider These 6 Roofing Trends for Your Next Home

If you plan to build your home or replace your roof in Calgary, you have a lot of details to consider. Which roof shape should you choose? Will tile, wood, or metal roofing contribute more to your home's strength and aesthetic? And do you want to have a generic roof or try something new?

The roofing market has a number of current trends that help you create a unique housing style. We've given you an overview of some of these trends below. Pick and choose from new options that boost your roof's energy efficiency and make it look more modern.

Trends that Emphasize Eco-Friendliness

Industries all over the world strive to create products that preserve and boost the environment instead of depleting it. The roofing industry wants to do the same by using renewable natural materials and 100% sustainable energy sources. Bear these three environmentally friendly roofing trends in mind the next time you need a new roof.

1. Plant a garden on your rooftop.

Even if you have a pitched roof, you can build a garden on top of it. Give back to the environment by installing green roof tiles and planting herbs, vegetables, grass, or flowers in them. Keep in mind that you can't put larger plants like trees or bushes on your roof because their roots could break through the tiles and grow into your attic, where they might undermine your home's structural integrity.

If you decide to use this eco-friendly option, remember to apply heavy-duty waterproof linings before planting anything. You don't want excess water to leak into your attic and cause mould growth.

2. Install solar panels or solar shingles.

Homeowners have installed solar panels on their homes for years. However, Calgary roofing companies have created a smaller and less obtrusive option: solar shingles. You can use these shingles across your entire roof or only a portion of it. In many cases, they can blend in with traditional shingles.

When you install solar shingles, you'll have the benefit of lower energy bills and a reduced carbon footprint. The shingles supply electricity that decreases your dependency on the city's power, and cities often burn coal and other fossil fuels to generate that power. Even if your city has a clean alternative, the power generation process produces emissions. You'll lower those emissions with these shingles.

3. Line your roof with reflective coatings.

If your budget can't accommodate solar shingles or an entire garden, you can still make your roof more eco-friendly with reflective coatings. These coatings reflect light and heat away from your roof, keeping the air in your attic—and the rest of your home—cooler during the summer. You won't have to use as much of the city's power to keep your home comfortable.

With this option, you don't have to replace your entire roof either. Simply talk to your Calgary roofing contractor about adding coatings to your existing roof.

Trends in Roofing Materials

Most homes and businesses in North America have asphalt shingles. But if you want your home to look unique and offer different features, consider single-ply, composite, or metal options. Each of these options gives you a durable, long-lasting roofing solution.

1. Benefit from fast installation with single-ply roofing.

Single-ply roofing may seem uselessly simple at first glance. It consists of a uniform PIB, PVC, or EPDM rubber membrane that spans your entire roof, with glue, gravel, or other materials holding it in place. However, despite their simplicity, single-ply roofs can last for three decades or more, and they bring you the benefit of fast installation.

These roofs don't look unattractive either. In fact, most passersby won’t be able to tell the difference between your rubber roof and the asphalt roofs next door. And you can depend on your single-ply roof to protect your home against any weather phenomenon.

2. Boost your roof's lifespan with aluminum or steel.

Metal roofs can last a lifetime with proper care and maintenance. They also help your home conserve energy because they reflect heat and light back into the air. Metal’s sturdy construction also makes it an ideal choice if you want to sound-proof your home.

3. Use composite roofing to reduce upkeep.

Composite roofing has recently gained popularity because it requires little, if any, upkeep. In fact, excluding yearly checkups, you won't have to maintain this roofing material at all. It features several layers of differing materials, which work in tandem to provide additional protection against natural disasters, including fire and heavy snowfall. Composite also gives you several colour options.

Remember these trends the next time you build or replace a roof. Not only will some of these trends help you save money on energy, but they'll help your home look more contemporary and striking as well. To learn more about availability, pricing, and other variables, contact your Calgary roofing contractor at Century Roofing today!