Costs and Benefits of Installing Solar Power on Your Roof

If you have noticed that your electricity bill has been higher than you would like, you can take measures to lower it. Investing in solar panels or shingles on your roof can significantly cut the amount of electricity your household uses.

Types of Solar Power

If you want to invest in solar power, you need to consider both solar panels and solar shingles on your roof. Both of these solar power sources have been decreasing in cost as they have increased in popularity. Both are also less obtrusive than they used to be.

Solar shingles are designed to blend in more naturally with your other shingles. However, this means installation will likely be more expensive because they need to be incorporated in your roof.

Solar panels are more obvious on your roof and don’t blend in as well. They require minimal obstruction to your existing roof structure. Panels are considered to be slightly more efficient than shingles, though.

Whether you choose solar panels or solar shingles, make sure that you have any necessary permits from your city to install them. Additionally, your home needs to have enough sun exposure for it to be an effective purchase. You should live in a sunnier area and your roof should face south.

Costs of Installation

The cost of installing 350 solar shingles on your roof could reach about $22,000. This price can be lowered by tax refunds from local or federal government.

Before you decide that installing a solar roof is worth it, you need to factor in all the important considerations. Decide if your roof will get enough sun to effectively power some of your electricity. You should also determine (with the help of a contractor) if the installation will be easy or if you might need an entirely new roof.

The cost of installation and materials will also be dependent on how extensively you want them spread across your roof and how difficult the panels or shingles will be to install.

Benefits of Solar Roofs

Installing those 350 solar shingles can make a dent in your wallet. However, they can also cut your electricity costs by 40-60%. How long it takes to see the benefits depends on a number of factors, including how much energy you were using before, how expensive it was to install the roof, and how much the materials cost. Overall though, installing a solar roof will lower your electricity bill.

Whether you’re looking to install solar panels, solar shingles, or regular roofing structures, a new roof can save you money and make your home more energy efficient. Contact our Calgary roofers today!