Ensure a Quality Roof Installation

You want your roof to protect everything and everyone within your home or business. You want to be comfortable and safe from leaks. You want your roof to look and function the way it should. Calgary roofing contractors at Century Roofing Limited can help you to fill all those needs, ensuring quality craftsmanship and materials for comprehensive custom designs/installations, historical renovations, large-scale commercial roofing projects, as well as repairs and maintenance of siding, soffit and fascia renovation, in addition to eavestrough and roofing.

At Century Roofing Limited, we want your business but we also want you to make an informed decision. We offer this advice from Danny Lipford of Today’s Homeowner on why a proper roof installation is important:

  • Replacing valley and eaves flashing is cheapest and easiest when reroofing. Also, have pipe boots or roof jacks replaced to direct away water where pipes or gas vents protrude.
  • Ensure you have proper attic ventilation. Poor airflow can heat an attic to 130°F in summer. In winter, moist interior air can condense on the underside of the sheathing, rotting it. Install ridge and soffit vents to circulate cool air into the attic, alleviating both problems.
  • If you suspect some of the plywood decking beneath the shingles is rotted, put a small financial allowance in the contract for replacing it. Clearly state that you must approve any charges above this amount, and that you get the money back if the decking is in good condition.
  • Ask how the roofer will protect bushes and plants. Draw clear lines of responsibility for any damaged plants.
  • Find out how the trash will be disposed of and nails picked up. Be sure Dumpsters or trucks used for garbage pickup don’t damage your lawn or an underground sprinkler system. An alternative is to pay extra and have the old shingles carted by hand to the curb.
  • Finally, trust your intuition. If a roofer rubs you wrong, even at the contract stage, don’t be afraid to back out before signing and resume your search. Unless water is pouring in overhead, it pays to take your time on this major investment.

Century Roofing Limited has an established reputation for integrity and commitment within the insurance community, earning a “preferred contractor” designation. We also enjoy an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. Contact Century Roofing Limited in Calgary at 403-235-5457 or visit us online at www.centuryroofing.ca to schedule a free estimate and let us get to work for you!