Has Alberta’s Harsh Summer Distressed Your Roof?

There is no doubt about it; Alberta has seen a harsh summer this year. From the never-ending hailstorms to excessive rain, more homeowners and business owners are seeing water build-up on their rooftops. In some cases, ice dams have been forming in the gutters and at the edge of the roof to cause homeowners further roofing problems in Calgary.

Why Ice Dams Are a Cause for Concern

Ice dams do not only occur after heavy snowfall. All it takes is warm water to run down the roof and then freeze as it reaches the colder edge of the roof, creating a mound of ice. During heavy hailstorms, hail pellets can become lodged into gutters, creating the same effect. The ice then traps additional water flow, which can seep up under the roof shingles or even drip inside of the house. This leads to wet or stained ceilings, peeling paint and premature fascia rot.

Homes and businesses with flat roofs are especially prone to this issue because there is not a sloped angle for proper drainage. This means that hail can build up over time and cause water damage year-round.

Preventing Ice Dams on Roofing in Calgary

If you have noticed ice dams forming on your rooftop or you simply want to prevent them as the temperatures begin to cool, there are a few things that you can do, including:

  • Close up your attic’s bypasses. Because most attics experience heat loss due to unblocked walls, gaps in the drywall or cracks, you can seal off these escape points. Also, fix any air leaks you find inside the attic by pulling back insulation and filling the gaps with foam.
  • Add soffit and roof vents. These will draw in the colder outdoor air and flush out warm air, which helps maintain a constant roof temperature and prevents water from melting or refreezing on top of the roof.

Have Roof Shingles in Calgary Repaired Right Away

If you notice any damage from the recent hailstorms in Alberta or your roof is showing signs of water intrusion from the inside, contact a trusted Calgary roofer for an inspection. A roofing company can look for damaged shingles and signs of hail buildup in gutters, and repair any potential issues before it requires a full rooftop replacement.

Contact Century Roofing Limited for all your roof repair needs and quality roofing supplies in Calgary. Our professional roofers will come out to your home and inspect for storm damage. We can also suggest ways to prevent ice dams for the upcoming fall season. Call us at 403-235-5457 or contact us online for your free estimate.