Has Summer Weather Impacted Your Roof in Calgary?

The extreme conditions of summer weather in Calgary can adversely affect your roof. Even when your roof is installed by an experienced contractor, if you live in an area that is prone to high temperatures, strong winds, and heavy rain, these conditions will likely take a heavy toll on the exterior of your home over time. Fortunately, we can tackle any roofing problem regardless of the season, to help maintain the life of your roof for years to come.

The Effects of Bad Summer Weather on Your Roof
A strong, durable, and reliable roof is an essential aspect of every home. However, environmental factors can push your roof to the limit of what it can withstand and will eventually need repair or a full replacement. A roof that is in good condition is critical for providing effective shelter and adding value to your home.

Here are a few summer weather conditions that can affect your roof:

● Heat - Consistently high temperatures can cause significant damage to your roof. Certain materials will swell in the extreme heat, causing immediate damage and additional issues when they begin to shrink. Shingles may crack, curl, and develop weak spots, only noticed by homeowners when it is too late.
● Humidity - Calgary is fortunate to enjoy dry summers with little humidity. However, the weather is often changing and your roof is still susceptible to these conditions. Condensation forms when the temperature of your roof is cooler than the surrounding air. Over time, the excess moisture can cause water damage and weaken the foundation of your roof, resulting in leaks.
● Wind - Roofs can withstand many elements but severe winds have the potential to damage your home. Strong winds can displace panels and tiles, leaving areas of your roof vulnerable to other weather conditions. For instance, once your foundation is exposed, rain can cause leaks and water damage.
● Rain - Summer rainfall in Calgary is good for crops but not for your roof. The smallest crack or hole can collect water and cause leaks. Furthermore, if your roofing material is derived from wood, it may begin to rot or grow mould with repeated exposure to wet conditions. 

Get Support for Your Roofing Problems with Century Roofing Limited
If you spot any issues on your roof or signs of water damage from the inside, call a professional roofing contractor to come and perform a thorough inspection. We can address the smallest issues and repair them to prevent even greater damage. By working with us, you can spend less time worrying about the state of your roof and spend more time with your family and friends this summer.

Contact Century Roofing Limited for all your roof repair needs and quality roofing supplies in Calgary. Our professional roofers will come out to your home and inspect all of your summer related roof damage and more. Call us at 403-235-5457 or contact us online for your free estimate.