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A lot of things can happen during a home renovation – your contractor falls off the ladder while fixing your roof; a hammer goes through your window; a subcontractor is injured on your property. Despite all precautions if there’s an accident involving your contractor that leads to a liability issue: what happens, who’s responsible, and who pays.

According to Michael Dew, a Vancouver lawyer who practices civil litigation, the general rule is that owners are not vicariously liable for the wrongful act of their independent contractors. But, there are a number of exceptions to this general rule and owners should be aware of these exceptions for three reasons: First, only if the owner understands the nature and extent of liability risk can he/she mitigate that risk through carefully drafted contract documents, or assign the risk to a third party insurer. Second, having an accurate understanding of the liability risks of the project will assist in assessing the feasibility of the project. Finally, being fully aware of the potential liability for the acts of independent contractors may inform the choice of contractor. The owner may decide to choose a more competent and reliable contractor, rather than the one with the lowest price. 

The time to find out risk and liability is before an accident happens:

  • Step 1: Check the personal liability section of your homeowner’s policy. Talk to your insurance agent before beginning a renovation project so that you can update your policy and extend coverage to the new space, if needed. You may also want to ask your agent about whether you may benefit from an add-on protection called theft of building supply coverage, which may protect the construction materials while your project is in the works.
  • Step 2: Check your contractor’s liability insurance as well as worker’s compensation (WCB) insurance and ask your contractor to provide you with a policy certificate before you begin the project. If a contractor is unwilling to verify his coverage, consider hiring someone else. This applies to subcontractors as well.
  • Step 3: Minimize risks – remove fallen branches, wet leaves, and kids’ toys from your driveway before the workers even show up.

At Century Roofing Limited, we arrive on time, keep your premises tidy, stay dedicated to your vision and instructions, and budget during installations and repairs. We’re also members of the Alberta Allied Roofing Association (AARA), meaning: 

  • we have a Business License and have been in business a minimum of 5 years;
  • have a minimum of $2 Million Liability Insurance;
  • have a valid and current WCB account; and they 
  • ensure jobs are installed to Alberta Building Code as a minimum standard.

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