Home Repairs to Do Before Selling

Selling a home is stressful. You’re competing against other available homes in the area, packing all your possessions, and perhaps even buying a new house. Money and time constraints may limit involved renovations, such as re-siding your home or adding on that fourth bedroom you’ve always wanted. However, you should consider making a few home improvements that will increase potential buyers’ foot traffic, as well as the value of your home.


Fencing keeps your pets near the house and gives your yard a sense of privacy. It is also the first thing potential buyers see up-close when driving up to your property. If you notice chipping or peeling paint, take the afternoon to touch it up or paint over the entire fence. Although more durable, even wrought iron fences can chip, and most local hardware stores offer supplies to fix those imperfections.

Lawn and Garden

Your home’s “curb appeal” is directly tied to your lawn and garden’s appearance. While these aren’t necessary to constructing a safe building, they are necessary to make buyers feel welcome. That inviting feeling gives them a more positive attitude toward the overall property. Don’t feel that you must now begin construction on the new Hanging Gardens of Babylon, however. Freshly mowed grass, well-manicured shrubs, and a weeded flowerbed are all you need to make your lawn and garden stand out—for the right reasons this time.


First impressions are lasting impressions, and the last first impression you want give your buyer is a headache because of the jostling he took while his car struggled across the potholes in your driveway. Take a weekend to fill and smooth these annoyances before the Realtor® arrives.


Buyers might not notice dirty, clogged eavestroughs on the walk-through, but their home inspector certainly will. Cleaning them is a simple process as long as you have a couple hours, a ladder, and a dry day.

If you’re feeling ambitious, spread caulk on any cracked seams you can find. Caulk tends to dry out, leaving cracks, and re-sealing them will help transport water away from your home without pesky leaks.


Your roof takes a constant beating. Rain and snow wear down the shingles and tiles, and the wind might even tear off a few. Because of this, your roof may need some maintenance. Unlike the previous recommendations, however, roofing repairs should be left to professionals.

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In addition to missing some shingles and tiles, neglected roofs tend to grow moss and algae. You may be tempted to use a power washer on this growth, but that can cause serious damage to your home. Our Calgary roofing contractors have specialized tools to remove moss, including chemical treatments. One treatment, for example, includes placing zinc strips along the roof’s ridge to kill built-up algae and prevent new moulds from accumulating. This cleans the shingles with little impact to the roof itself.


Drip, drip, drip.

Not the sound you want home-shoppers to hear as they walk through your house, right? That dripping sound drives you crazy; and remember: if something bothers you, it’s bound to bother potential buyers.

Walls and Ceilings

Homeowners spend hours anguishing over the colours and textures they want to decorate their home. It’s an important process and illustrates the owners’ personalities. Therefore, changing them can be difficult. If your family decided to use fun, unconventional colours, textures, and wallpapers, that’s fantastic. While some buyers may love your design, others will find it difficult to visualize their own style in the home. Neutral, warm colours widely appeal to buyers, and repainting your walls will also give them a fresh, clean appearance.


Everyone dreams of granite countertops. Okay, not everyone dreams of them, but many home buyers prefer to see granite in their kitchens. As granite can be expensive, sturdy laminate countertops can serve as an economical substitute.


If you ever ask a model her beauty secret, you may hear things like moisturizer, exercise, and a healthy diet. While all of these are probably true, there’s one secret she may forget to mention: lighting. Good lighting is any model’s best friend because it shows off his or her best features. Good lighting can do the same thing for your home.

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