How Eco-Roofing Can Become Zen Gardening

A trend in urban construction is eco-roofing, the installation of vegetation on top of roofs. There are many benefits to rooftop gardens, including energy savings, architectural benefits, storm water management, and overall gardening pleasures. 

Rooftop gardens are a great way to lower your grocery bill, increase your veggie intake, give back to your community, and help you relax. If you are looking to add a garden to your roof, assessing the integrity of your roof is paramount and should only be done by local roof specialists with an outstanding track record.

Benefits to Roof Gardens
Understanding the benefits of roof gardening is the first step in creating and enjoying your Zen garden. Benefits include:

• Energy Savings: In an urban area, the sun heats up the surrounding concrete and asphalt faster and hotter than any vegetation such as trees. What develops is a hot air zone enveloping the area year-round. It might be warmer in the winter, but it makes the summers much hotter, requiring cooling systems to work harder. While an exposed roof can get as hot as 158 degrees Fahrenheit. When a similar roof is covered by a garden, the result is a temperature of just 77 degrees F. In other words, your air conditioner does not have to work as hard.
• Architectural Savings: The constant beating of the sun’s rays and fluctuations in temperature causes a roof’s membrane to swell and contract continually. Add in exposure to the weather, and your roof’s lifespan just shortened even more. A rooftop garden can help lower the extreme swings in temperature compared to a fully exposed roof. This adds years to your roof.
• Storm Water Management: Look outside during a rainstorm, and you will see torrents of water running off the roofs, through the downspouts, and dumping into the storm water system. In seasons of frequent rain, this can add a burden to a city’s sewer system. Roof gardens absorb and filter some of the rainwater, easing the cascade of water headed to the sewer. Some claim that the rain flowing through a roof garden is cleaner than the water coming off a bare roof.
• Personal Pleasure: There is just pure pleasure in getting dirt under your nails while planting tender sprouts in your garden. In urban areas where farmland is scarce, a roof garden offers the promise of fresh fruits and vegetables, not to mention the quiet solitude green spaces bring. A roof is an excellent escape from the hustle and bustle of the city. Add a Zen garden, and you have a small slice of nirvana.

Experienced Roofing Specialists in Calgary
Enjoying a little bit of nature in the middle of an urban environment is possible when you create a rooftop garden. If you are interested in gardening on top of your house or business, you must make sure your roof is sound. The Century Roofing Limited team can inspect and ascertain the integrity of your roof. We have the skills, training, and experience to implement any repairs you may need to ensure your garden in the sky is safe.

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