How to Know if Your Roof Should be Repaired or Replaced

When your roof is not in good condition, getting it fixed is important to the integrity of your building structure. Neglecting the issue can lead to a major expense at some point, so it is in your best interest to get the problem resolved as soon as possible.

Your local Calgary roofing contractors can help you with all of your roofing issues and concerns. One of the top decisions many homeowners face is whether they should have their roofs replaced or repaired.

Repair or Replace it? Tips from the Leading Roofing Experts in Calgary

Your roofer will be able to tell you whether your roof needs repairs or a total replacement. The following factors may determine what kind of service is required:

1. Leaks – In some cases, it may be quite obvious that you need a new roof. If the contents of your home get sprinkled or drenched with water during a rainstorm, a repair job will probably not be sufficient.
2. Age – The age of your roof can be a major determining factor. Generally, a roof that is under 20 years old can likely be repaired.
3. Water Damage – Signs of water damage could indicate that the problem is more than simply cosmetic. If the structure underneath the shingles is rotting, it is probably time for a total replacement. Look for evidence such as brown stains, moisture marks, and peeling paint on your interior walls.
4. Missing Shingles – When a roof has lost a few shingles, a repair job could suffice. This can happen after a windstorm, or if a tree limb falls on your roof. If over 30 percent of the shingles are missing, however, you should probably schedule a replacement.
5. Damaged Shingles – Depending on the severity of the damage, cracked or broken shingles might simply be repaired. This may not mean that you need a complete roof replacement.
6. Catastrophic Event – If your home recently experienced a catastrophe, such as a hurricane, tornado, or fire, you might want to replace your roof. The damage could extend well beyond the surface.
7. Sunlight in the Attic – Periodically, you should go into your attic and take a look at the ceiling. If you are able to detect sunlight shining through the roof boards, you might need a new roof.
8. Granules in the Gutters – When granules begin to collect in your gutters, they could be the result of deteriorating shingles. This often means that the shingles are eroding due to age, and if that is the case, you should replace the roof.

Roof Repair and Replacement in Calgary

Your roof should last for many years, but it will need to be serviced occasionally. Even the best roof will not last forever. When you require roof repair or replacement, the professionals at Century Roofing Limited can assist you.

Whether you must replace a few roof shingles or your entire roof in Calgary, contact Century Roofing Limited. We will be happy to provide you with a no-obligation estimate. Call us at 403-235-5457 or reach us online.