Installing a Skylight? Call Your Calgary Contractor

At Century Roofing Limited, we handle virtually everything having to do with roofing and since we opened for business in 1981 many of our customers have asked about the advantages of installing a skylight in their home. Any customized project like this requires a bit of background and understanding of the process so to help answer the question – what do you need to know before having a skylight installed – we’ve pulled together some information for your consideration.

Skylights can completely change a room – it’s why people ask about them in the first place. They provide natural light and ventilation at the same time but it also involves cutting into your homes first line of defence – its roof. While it’s a valid concern, ensuring you choose quality materials and hiring an experienced roofing contractor like Century Roofing Limited means you shouldn’t have to worry about leaks.

Skylights can be flat, domed, fixed, or vented and come in many shapes other than a rectangle. A fixed skylight will be virtually leak-proof since they are sealed during manufacturing, however, improper installation usually due to poor flashing techniques cause the majority of leaks with fixed skylights. While a vented skylight let built-up moisture escape from kitchens and bathrooms, left open by accident and allow rain and debris to get into your house. To solve this problem, there are skylights available that will close automatically if they senses raindrops.

Installation is best done by a professional who in addition to following the instructions provided by the skylight’s manufacturer, will also consider slope and moisture control. The slope or angle of your skylight will affect the amount of solar heat it absorbs into your home. To control moisture, use the flashing kits provided by the manufacturer if available or have a sheet metal company build the flashing kit to fit your design. Always follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for installation and upkeep to maintain the warranty. A warranty that confident doesn’t allow for shortcuts on installation, the flashing steps have to be followed to the letter.

Skylights can be easily installed any time of year so long as the weather is dry. For safety, skylights are made with either tempered (if broken like automotive glass it will shatter into thousands of smooth pieces) or laminated glass (coated with a film that will keep the glass pieces in place if the skylight is broken). Best of all there are skylights on the market that will fit between regularly-sized rafters (24 or 16 inches).

Finally, if you’re intimidated by heights or reluctant to put on the safety gear, leave the job to a pro. If you have questions about your homes or business exterior, including skylights, contact your Calgary roofing contractor Century Roofing Limited at 403-235-5457 today to plan your next project and get a free estimate.