Keeping a Roof Overhead: Tips for Summer Roof Maintenance

Ensuring that your roof will last as long as possible is one of the best investments you can make for your home. While roofing materials and shingles are designed to last for decades, you should nonetheless perform quick, simple and regular maintenance checks on your roof. While these checks are helpful at any time of year, we recommend doing a thorough inspection before the arrival of the summer months when the brutal heat and UV rays of the sun will attack your rooftop.

The type of roof you have will determine which maintenance checks you need to make. Here are some of the most important things to look for on common rooftops:

For Asphalt Rooftops: Asphalt rooftops are popular in every climate. Although they are not as durable or long lasting as other types of roofing listed here, they can work well for those who maintain them. Scan the roof for cracked, loose, or damaged tiles, especially after large storms. Keep in mind that the components used in asphalt shingles get very hot in the summer sun. Do not walk on asphalt roofs when they are hot. You could prematurely warp or damage them if you do. Instead, check the area during the early morning and evening. Keep an eye out for twigs and other debris that may cause water to accumulate, as this can also deteriorate the surface prematurely.

For Metal Rooftops: Roofs made of metal are more expensive and require specialized roofing experts to install. Though the price is high for these roofs, they can last much longer if properly cared for. The main thing that you’ll want to watch for in the summer is the expansion and contraction of the metal sheets. Switching between hot days and cool nights will test the metal's temper. As a result, the sealants used to keep the sheets weatherproof may be exposed. Contact a roofing contractor if you discover any exposed sealant.

For Tile and Slate Rooftops: These two types of shingles are composed in a similar fashion. Tile roofs are found mostly in the northeast, while slate is common in the southwest. Because they are heavy shingles you will want to be sure that your roof is sustaining the weight properly. If you notice any sags or depressions in your roof contact a roofing contractor. Check for cracks in the tiles and slates after heavy rain or windstorms.

For Wood Rooftops: Wood slats are common in the east, and they were the primary shingle for early American homes. They insulate well, last a long time, and are a classical compliment to any home. However, they are prone to mould, moss, and mildew, as well as rotting and splitting. Keep pine needles, stray leaves, and the petals of blossoming trees off of wooden roofs to keep them from deteriorating.

If you have a concern about any type of roof, or simply want to be prepared for harsh summer conditions, contact Century Roofing Limited. Expert Calgary roof repair is only a phone call away at 403-235-5457.