Laminate Roof Shingles in Calgary

Shingling your roof at one time may have been simpler, but today there are a variety of options in terms of price and quality to choose. At Century Roofing Ltd. we’ve been installing new shingle roofs in Calgary since 1981, so you can depend on our experience and dedication to help you make the right choice for your home.

Shingles are installed by overlapping and nailing them in place. After a roof is finished, the tabs are the only visible part of each shingle. Those unfamiliar with roofing often assume each tab is an individual shingle. The basic 3-tab shingles consist of a 30cm tall by 90cm wide shingle slab. It is cut with slots at one end to create three tabs, each about 12.5cm tall by 30cm wide.

Laminate or architectural shingles are actually an enhanced, stronger version of a standard 3-tab shingle. Unlike a 3-tab shingle, a laminated shingle has an extra layer under its lower half. This gives the tabs on a laminated shingle a thickness that is twice as deep as it would be otherwise. They provide a more natural and deeper look than that offered by a conventional 3-tab shingle. That is why laminated shingles are sometimes called architectural shingles.

A laminated shingle creates depth by featuring tabs of varying widths that are separated by large, randomly spaced gaps. The large spaces between the cut tabs highlight the thickness of the tabs, creating a wonderful, visually appealing effect of depth. Some laminated shingles employ different shades, tones, and even contrasting colours to create a distinctive, yet natural appearance.

Because of their heavier construction, laminated shingles are able to last longer than 3-tab shingles. With more protective asphalt, granules, and fibreglass per square foot, laminated shingles can resist sun, heat, impact, and water damage more effectively and for a longer time than 3-tab shingles can - extending the life of your roof significantly - up to as much as 20 years. This is reflected, in general, by longer warranty times and higher wind ratings for laminated shingles.

Finally, since laminated architectural shingles are more durable and nicer to look at, they also provide a better resale value on your home.

Shingles in Calgary

Laminate’s primary benefit comes from its cost-effectiveness – you’ll get the beautiful roof you’ve always wanted without spending a fortune. At Century Roofing Ltd. our experienced Calgary roofing contractors are Rated A+ with the Better Business Bureau – our services guarantee satisfaction. To get a free estimate or learn more about our roof shingles in Calgary, call us at 403-235-5457.