Mistakes to Avoid While Working on Your Roof

Roofing projects are, as a rule of thumb, best left to professionals. Unless you have experience as a roofer, working on your roof is one of the most dangerous home improvement projects you can undertake, due to the combination of unfamiliar tools and dangerous heights.

However, for those who have the experience or the fortitude to take on this daunting task, here are some mistakes you should avoid to keep yourself—and your roof—safe.

1. Wear the Wrong Footwear

Don't just throw on a pair of sneakers. Wear heavy-duty work boots with a good tread that will give you as much grip on the slick roof as possible. Even if you're just climbing up there to inspect a potential issue, don't wear flip-flops for the sake of convenience. Put on the appropriate footwear and keep yourself a little safer.

2. Don't Ask for Help

If you want to make your roofing experience as dangerous as possible, don't tell anyone your plans. Head up onto the roof when no one else is home and leave your phone inside on the kitchen counter. If you want to be safe, however, make sure that someone else is aware of where you are and how long you plan to be working. Inform the neighbours of your plans as well, and keep a phone close at hand in case you get into trouble. Have someone check on you periodically.

3. Use the Wrong Tools

Don't just grab your toolbox and a ladder. You'll need specific tools to get the job done properly. Do your research, and talk to someone at a hardware store if you're not sure which tools are appropriate for the job. Spend some time familiarizing yourself with the tools, especially if you plan to use power tools you've never used before. Anything you can do to make yourself feel more comfortable is worth the time invested.

4. Trim Trees over the Roof

There are countless stories and YouTube videos out there about people who chop down or trim trees away from their home only to have the limbs come crashing through their roof. If you're bent on doing tree removal or trimming yourself, get a professional's opinion first so that you can be sure to get the right angles and use proper safety procedures. Falling tree limbs can not only damage your house, but also seriously injure someone if they fall unexpectedly or at the wrong angle.

5. Start Projects without Direction

Some of the worst roofing problems happen after someone has tried to fix a minor problem without knowing what they were doing. If you're not 100% sure how to fix the problem (whether it be a leak, a ventilation issue, or replacing damaged shingles), don't even begin the project. Leaving something half-done is worse than never starting it in the first place.

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