Nature's Top 3 Dangers to Your Roof

Your home’s roof protects you from Mother Nature, and her potential for causing major structural damage that could be dangerous for you or your family.

Keep your family safe by familiarizing yourself with nature's top 3 dangers to your roof, as listed below:

Snow and Ice

Snow and ice are some of the most debilitating of nature's dangers, at least as far as roofing goes. Snow is immensely heavy and can cause roofs to collapse under its weight. When the snow melts, the sheer amount of water can cause attic leaks or other damage that weakens your roof's structure.

If this happens, don't get up on the roof yourself to clear snow or ice away! Your weight alone could be enough to cause the roof to collapse. Instead, use a roof rake to comb the snow down or hire a professional to take care of the problem for you.

Standing Water

Flat roofs often have problems with standing water, which is defined as water that does not dissipate within 48 hours after it pools. Most newer roofs are designed with sufficient gradient that they won't collect water, but you'll have to watch older roofs carefully after it rains.

Standing water leads to roofing leaks, damage (rust, rotting) to roofing material, and structural damage. It can age your roof significantly, leading to expensive and extensive repairs.

Avoiding standing water isn't always easy if you have a flat roof, but there are methods you can use to eliminate most of the risk. For example, you could locate and eliminate leaks coming from AC units or ventilation pipes. You could also keep an eye on the drains and keep debris or roofing materials cleared well away. Professionals will be able to recommend the best solutions, which may include re-pitching the roof, adding additional drains, or rerouting the water flow.


Dirty roofs might be displeasing aesthetically, but dirt also draws mould. If you have too much moisture or not enough ventilation, your roof may also accumulate mould. Mould causes structural instability and it can severely weaken your roof. This leads to greater potential for cave-ins.

Those dark spots on your roof cause other issues too. They absorb sunlight, which raises the building's temperature, leading to higher cooling bills. In addition, if someone in your household is allergic to moulds or fungi, it could cause severe health issues. If you notice that your roof looks dirty, clean it off or hire a professional to check it out so that mould doesn't spread.

These are only a few of the most dangerous problems that nature can bring to your roof. Make sure that you have your roof checked often by a professional roofing company to ensure that little problems do not cause excessive damage. Call Century Roofing at 403-235-5457 to learn more!