Products and Services Offered at Century Roofing Limited

Since starting Century Roofing Limited in 1981, we have come to rely on specific products and manufacturers that have a proven track record of quality within the industry. Quality is important when it comes to roofing – you want your roof to protect everything and everyone within your home or business and keep them comfortable and safe from leaks. You also want your roof to look and function the way it should. A roof needs to be sturdy, long lasting, keep out the elements and weather making the roof structure key in any building design. Today’s choices for roofing include a vast variety of materials including - composite materials; plastics; steel or metal; slate, stone or clay tile; and asphalt or wood shingles – all are still popular materials used in modern roofing.

Roofing mistakes generally mean using materials that are insufficient for local climate conditions during renovations, and for new builds, holding down the cost of roofing to increase some interior aspect of a structure. Both can mean significant additional cost in the near future. Avoiding these mistakes means focusing on quality products, like those provided by Century Roofing Limited along with our proven service track record of quality workmanship.

At Century Roofing Limited, as new developments in roofing products, processes, and techniques have become available, we have taken the opportunity to familiarize ourselves with their use and judge their effectiveness. There are a number of manufacturers that we know and trust including Malarkey Roofing Products™, Metro Roof Products, Cedar Shake & Shingle Bureau®, IKO®, Roofmart, and BP - we keep samples on hand of many of these products so that you may examine the colours and textures for yourself.

Century Roofing Limited’s roofing services features both flat and sloped roofs. Flat roofs provide a stable, horizontal surface for your home or business using one of three methods:
• Built-up roofing - uses hot asphalt and gravel to give low-slope roofs protection against UV rays and water damage;
• EPDM rubber: water resistant, it is easy to manufacture and will last up to 30 years; and,
• Shingle torch-on and 2-ply systems - modified bitumen (an asphalt-like substance) and fibreglass combine to form a heavy-duty, moisture-resistant roof that can be installed as a new roof or place it over a damaged roof.

Century Roofing Limited also has experienced roofing contractors in Calgary who can provide you with sloped roofing options:
Cedar shakes and shingles - using high-quality wood that match your preference;
Laminate shingles – offering the same protection traditional shingles but at a lower cost;
Metal roofing - this durable material is 100 percent recyclable; and
Asphalt shingles - the most common roofing material used by homeowners, are easy to install, low in cost, and have a proven performance in many climates.

In the interest of our warranty program, and to help ensure every job is done right the first time, we adhere to a strict inspection policy. After completing a residential project, the supervisor will inspect the finished work and complete an Inspection Sheet. If the inspector feels there is a problem with the workmanship, the situation will be rectified immediately.
During commercial and condominium projects, inspections for each division occur on a daily basis until the job is completed.

At Century Roofing Limited, we also handle your siding needs, maintenance, repairs or replacement of eavestroughing, soffit and fascia, as well as roof repairs using your insurance coverage.

At Century Roofing Limited, we handle virtually everything having to do with your home exterior using quality materials and craftsmanship. If you have questions about your homes or business exterior contact us at 403-235-5457 today to plan your next project and get a free estimate.