Pros & Cons to a Modern Flat Roof

Our world is changing rapidly with technology – especially when it comes to the materials used in home construction – providing property developers and individual homeowners alike more freedom of choice in design than ever before.

At Century Roofing Ltd., we offer a variety of flat-roof options to suit your taste and style:

  • Built-up roofing: This solution for flat or low-slope roofs comes in gravel or hot asphalt. It gives your roof excellent protection against UV rays and water damage.
  • EDPM: If you'd like a lightweight option, choose this synthetic rubber. It can last up to three decades, and it is easy to manufacture and install.
  • Torch-on systems: If you would like 2-ply or shingles on your roof, we can install this weather-resistant option. We can apply it new, or we can even apply it over your existing roof.

Homeowners are increasingly drawn to flat roofs because they are considered one of the most energy-efficient options, according to Energy Star. Additionally, you may save some cost on the initial roof installation because the surface area of a flat roof is less than that of a sloped roof.

In determining if a contemporary flat roof is right for your home – and lifestyle - there are several factors you should consider including ensuring that you work with a contractor experienced the type of flat roof installation you are looking for – like Century Roofing Limited. Flat roofs offer several advantages for homeowners, but also some cons.

Flat roofs also allow for some unique roofing solutions. Copper or tin can be used rather than the traditional layered tar and gravel; you can turn your flat roof into a living roof covered in a layer of soil, grass, and plants, providing the ultimate green solution. While a ‘green’ roof is great for water absorption, the roots of the plants can burrow into the roof, causing invasive damage that leads to leaking.

Flat roofs can sometimes offer more outdoor living space with the construction of a deck over a rooftop. However, as flat roofs are sensitive to the movement of people, have a professional contractor do this to prevent damage. Flat-roof drainage is not quite as effective as a pitched roof, and without regular inspection, drains can become clogged, leading to damage and leaks.

Flat Roof Installation Calgary

To determine if the basic structure of a flat roof's modern design is right for your property, call our Calgary roofing contractors at Century Roofing Ltd. at 403-235-5457 and our team of dedicated professionals will answer your concerns to help you achieve this look.