Protect Your Flat Roof with Proper Drainage

If you have a flat roof on your home or business premises, you may battle with drainage problems year-round. A flat roof captures an inordinate amount of debris daily. During times of precipitation, that waste is moved toward your guttering system. However, if you do not keep the leaves and dirt off your roof, your gutters will become clogged, leaving no way for water to be wicked away from your walls and foundation.

For a long-lasting roof, the drainage system must be maintained and kept free from debris. If you notice water pooling in spots on your roof or around your foundation, call a professional to make sure your roof has the proper drainage to protect your home. Century Roofing Limited is equipped to provide inspections, maintenance, and repairs of your flat roof.

Types of Drainage for a Flat Roof
Contrary to their name, flat roofs are not truly flat. They should have a slight pitch or slope toward a gutter system. Even with proper gutters, if there is too much tar built up from previous repairs, water may not move in the appropriate direction, and instead, ponding will develop in the low spots.

When it comes to flat roof drainage, there are three systems you may find depending on square footage, climate, cost, and your building’s architecture.
• Internal Drains: This system is made up of a network of gutters and pipes installed at intervals along the roof with a main drain in the centre.
• Scuppers: A scupper is an opening at the perimeter wall of the roof. It wicks water away from your building’s foundation.
• Gutters: Gutters move water from the bottom slope of your roof to the downspouts and away from the foundation.

Suggestions to Protect Your Flat Roof
With a little bit of effort, you can prevent drainage problems before they begin. The following are tips you can use now to keep your roof well-maintained:
• Check your entire gutter system. Look at all the seams, joints, and downspouts. Look at the quality of each.
• Inspect for adequately secured gutter brackets and hangers.
• Ensure the gutters are correctly angled to create positive water flow.
• Trim tree branches to prevent damage to the roof from high winds.
• Look over the roof and gutters after severe weather.
• Make sure the leader pipe is positioned to whisk water away from the foundation.

Hire Professional Roofing Contractors in Calgary
Proper drainage of your flat roof is imperative for the integrity of your building. If water is allowed to build up, it will compromise the exterior walls and foundation. Taking steps to inspect your roof and remove debris frequently and regularly will add years to your structure. Century Roofing Limited has an excellent reputation for fast, quality service for all your roofing needs. We can answer any questions regarding your roof to help you maintain roof integrity.

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