Questions to Ask a New Roofer

Questions to Ask a New Roofer

It’s happened to everyone. You set a meeting with a contractor, you know what you want to ask, only to remember your question five minutes after they’ve left. Few projects have a greater impact on the curb appeal, energy-efficiency, long-term inhabitability, and homeowner peace-of-mind than roof installation. Hiring a roofing contractor is one of the most important decisions you'll ever make for your home, you want to get it right the first time.

Century Roofing Limited has been maintaining, repairing, and installing durable roofs and exterior/siding throughout Central and Southern Alberta and Eastern British Columbia since 1981. The secret to residential and commercial roofing in Calgary is hiring a good roofing contractor to do the job right the first time. 

But how do you know what a good roofing contractor is and does – by asking the right questions and to ensure you ask ALL the right questions, make a list, write it down, and ensure that all your questions get answered to your satisfaction. Using a check-list of questions to ask a potential roofer before signing a roofing contract will ensure you are hiring a company that is reputable and capable of getting the roof done right the first time around: 

  • Are you licensed?
  • Do you have worker’s compensation insurance (WCB) coverage? 
  • Do you carry general liability insurance? 
  • Will you remove my old roof?
  • Are you going to install drip edge or edge metal when you install the new roof?
  • Will you use ladder stabilizers or standoffs to protect my gutters when you install my roof?
  • Do you bring a container for refuse material?
  • Where will you place the container for the refuse?
  • How will you protect my landscaping during this project?
  • What will you do in the case of bad weather during the job?
  • Do you have a local phone number and address?
  • What is the warranty on my new roof?
  • What is the cost of plywood should you find rotten roof or soft roof decking?
  • Is there going to be someone on site with whom I can communicate?
  • Do you provide a written estimate?

Hire a Calgary Roofer

Remember to include the cost of removing the old roof, adding the new roof, and anything that could come up in the process, such as rotten plywood that needs to be replaced. If you’d like to learn more about roofing in Calgary, call Century Roofing Ltd. at 403-235-5457 today. With an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, Century Roofing Ltd. is your local Calgary roofer you can trust to happily answer any questions or provide you with a free roofing estimate.