Hailstones from a storm

Roof Damaged by Calgary Hail Storm?

Since 2011, Alberta has seen about $4 billion in damages from severe storms. It’s been an incredible summer in Calgary with multiple storms dropping pea-sized to golf ball-sized hail across the region from Calgary up to Red Deer and Rocky Mountain House. Cars have been pocked and window cracked by the hail.

When hail is this large, it can cause severe harm to a home’s exterior and roof. This may lead to leaks in the ceiling, insulation failure, and electrical issues. Repairs for these issues should be initiated quickly to prevent any further damage to your home. Farmers, the traditional victims of hail, were also impacted by these storms, and insurance claims are expected to start soon. 

Fortunately, it’s not just farmers who rely on insurance, many homeowner policies cover damages to roofs caused by hail. Century Roofing Limited has established a reputation within the insurance community for our integrity, commitment to quality, and superb customer service. To protect you - our customers - we carry liability insurance coverage for all our projects, and all subcontractors have workers’ compensation coverage.

Southern Alberta’s mighty wind storms, tornadoes, violent hail, and flooding suggests Albertans need to prepare for such storms. In case of emergency, the Canadian Red Cross recommends having a 72-hour emergency kit with the following items in the house and car, in case disaster strikes: a whistle, sleeping bag, blankets, non-perishable food, bottles of water, change of clothes, extra pair of shoes, portable radio, flashlight, extra batteries, manual can-opener, medications and prescriptions, toilet paper, extra set of car keys, extra cash, driver’s license and personal documents, first aid kit, and other personal items.

When it comes to your homes’ exterior, consider Century Roofing Limited your Calgary roofing emergency kit. Just ask Henry R. of Calgary who writes, “Century Roofing Ltd. showed up on time, got the job done in a timely fashion, cleaned up after themselves and were professional. They put a roof on the house and our garden shed, and repaired some hail damage. They seem to be reputable and do everything right!”

There are lots of reasons to pay attention to what’s overhead. You want your roof to protect everything and everyone within your home or business. You want to be comfortable and safe from leaks. You want your roof to look and function the way it should.

Roof Repair in Calgary
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