Roof Punctures: Your Roofing Company in Calgary Discusses What You Should Know

Countless people ascend ladders to gain access to their roofs at this time of year. Some are looking for damage that may need to be repaired before winter. Others are planning their exterior decorations for the holiday season.

One danger you should be aware of is roof punctures. These can manifest for an assortment of reasons. You should not be up on your roof if it has sustained a puncture. Additionally, a damaged roof can lead to leaking throughout the winter. 

Century Roofing Limited can send a trained, experienced professional to repair your damaged roof. Do not attempt to correct this kind of damage by yourself. A roof puncture can be dangerous, and only a qualified roofing expert should repair it.

Important Information about Roof Punctures
Although only an experienced roofer should repair punctures in your roof, you might benefit from exploring essential facts on this topic further. Use the following information to prevent this kind of damage when possible, as well as take action if your roof gets punctured despite your best preventative efforts:

Causes – Knowing the most common causes of roof punctures could help you to prevent them from happening. The primary source of punctures is roof traffic. If you or others have recently been on your roof, it is more likely to have sustained damage. Stepping in the wrong place or dropping a tool can quickly result in a hole in the roof. It is also possible for a roof to be pierced due to natural causes. A strong storm could break off a tree branch, which may subsequently create an opening upon impact. Certain types of falling debris can also impale the surface of your roof. Even hail might cause a roof to manifest holes that must be repaired.
Prevention – You cannot always prevent your roof from getting punctured, but you can take some precautionary measures. If you must go up on your roof, take extra care not to allow sharp objects near the surface. If you own a commercial building, you might consider having a walkway installed on the roof to prevent mishaps as much as possible.
Steps to Take – Sometimes, ending up with a hole in the roof may be unavoidable. Periodically, you should have your roof inspected for damage. It is always best to address issues such as punctures sooner instead of later. If you see a puncture or suspect that one is present, contact our team immediately. We will evaluate the condition of your roof and repair it when necessary.

Take Roof Punctures Seriously
Like other kinds of roof damage, punctures should be taken seriously. A hole in your roof can lead to other damage if it is not repaired. You could also find yourself with a leaky roof if you ignore the signs of a punctured surface. The trained and experienced roofers at Century Roofing Limited are qualified to assess, repair, and replace your roof.

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