Roof Safety Tips

Century Roofing Ltd. is a Calgary, family owned and operated business that was incorporated in 1981. As a family business, we know that rooftop safety is the responsibility of every person involved in the project and that the hazards are always there. At Century Roofing Ltd., we identify them and adhere to the use of fall protection to avoid injuries and deaths. Bob Hoffman, who is our Safety Supervisor, ensures safe working conditions and quality control in the field.

Rooftop safety practices should cover everyone that gets on the roof, including pedestrians, clients, maintenance crew, subcontractors, and employees. In addition to minimizing the risk to people, a proactive roof program safeguards the roof system. Before you or anyone else climbs onto your roof, consider these safety concerns and practices:

  • Roof Stability - Is the roof strong enough to support the weight of a human?
  • Ladder Security & Placement - Is the ladder secure and at a 4:1 angle (1 foot away from the wall for every four feet of ladder height), are the feet secure, the top above the roofline and tied securely? A number of fatalities occur each year because of a poorly placed ladder.
  • Weather Conditions - Ice, snow, and wind are always a hazard on a roof if the shingles or other surfaces are slippery.
  • Roof Holes - Unguarded skylights and poorly covered holes can be just as deadly as the roof edge.
  • Edge Awareness & Poor Line of Sight - Losing the edge of the roof can be a problem when you are engaged in roof work. Ridge vents, chimneys, and shingle bundles may block egress on a roof.
  • Improper Training - If there is someone on the roof who has not been properly trained, they are a rooftop safety hazard and could cause serious injury to themselves or others.
  • Improper Use of Fall Protection Equipment - Such as poorly anchored railing, lanyard too long, or weak tie-off point.
  • Pitch - The steeper the roof is, the easier the fall. Ensure that the fall protection and shingle bundles are secure before setting foot on the roof.
  • Split Level Roofs & Fall Heights - Employees engaged in roofing activities on low-slope and split level roofs with unprotected sides and edges 6 feet (1.8 meters) or more above lower levels should have the proper fall protection equipment.

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