Roofing Options and Supplies for Your Older Home in Calgary

Roofs are an important feature to any home but play an especially critical role in older houses. Over time, the outside of your home sees a lot of wear and tear. If your roof is showing signs of deterioration, it is time to invest in a replacement. Selecting the right roofing supplies for your home in Calgary can complement the existing characteristics of your older house, in addition to increasing property value.

5 Common Choices for Old House Roofs
When deciding on new roofing material for your older home, there are many factors to consider. For instance, depending on the age and condition of your home, some roofing options may be too heavy. Local building codes may also impart strict guidelines on the types of materials you can use to replace a roof on an older home.

Despite a few limitations, there are still several options for you to choose from. Here are 5 popular roofing materials for older homes:

1. Composites - This is the most popular and least expensive type of shingle. They are typically made of asphalt and fiberglass, but leading manufacturers have introduced high-end composite shingles that mimic the look of wood and slate. These shingles work well for older homes, as they are lightweight, and are known to have higher fire and weather safety ratings.
2. Shake - Manufacturers have created “fake shakes” to combat the hazards that come with a genuine wood shake roof. Wood can rot, leak, or even pose a fire hazard if you live in a hot and dry climate. The synthetic wood shakes are made of cement, plastics, and composites. They can retain their colour and shape in all weather conditions and provide a rustic aesthetic appeal.
3. Tile - Clay and concrete tiles are recognized for their high safety ratings and are commonly installed on colonial and mission style homes. Both materials are long lasting and especially valued for being fireproof. Concrete tiles also feature the added benefit of being energy-efficient.
4. Metal - Although a metal roof may sound like a modern material, this type has been around since the 18th century. Metal roofs can last for hundreds of years and are also very effective at keeping a house dry. Over time, the metal will develop a natural patina, enhancing the character of your older home.
5. Slate - If you want a roof that will outlast you, choose slate for your older home. Although it is one of the more expensive roofing materials, you are paying for the quality. Slate comes in an assortment of colours including shades of black, green, gray, red, and purple. This material is extremely durable, fire-resistant, and sustainable as it can be easily recycled.

Find the Perfect Roofing Material for Your Older Home with Century Roofing Limited
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