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Roofing Products & Specialty Services at Calgary’s Century Roofing Limited

Roofing is a unique industry. It’s dangerous work, requires a variety of parts and layers to be successful, and it is one of the greatest assets of your home in protecting your family. To be a successful roofer requires specialized skills and services, and at Century Roofing Ltd, our Calgary roofers have the experience and skills to tackle any roofing problem. 

Century Roofing Limited installs new and replacement roofs on homes and businesses as well as provides maintenance and roof repair services in Calgary and beyond. Our knowledgeable roofing contractors will professionally assess any damage, provide you with a clear, written estimate and complete the repairs efficiently and without delay.

Century Roofing Limited’s technicians are qualified to repair any surface of your roof, including:flat and sloped roofing, metal roofing, cedar shake shingles, laminate roof shingles, siding (vinyl, aluminum, steel, composite, wood), soffits, fascia, and continuous eavestroughing in aluminum or steel. 

As specialists in sloped and flat roofs, as well as insurance repairs, Century Roofing Limited’s technicians are equipped to handle any repair, including rain and snow damage, and tree branch penetrations. From roofing supplies to roof shingles, we also have the materials and experience to create the long-lasting and attractive roof you want.

Flat roofs provide a stable, horizontal surface for your home. To maintain your flat roof, Century Roofing Limited offers the following methods:

  • Built-up roofing uses hot asphalt and gravel to give low-slope roofs protection against UV rays and water damage.
  • EPDM rubber will help your roof resist water and will last up to 30 years.
  • Shingle torch-on and 2-ply systems use modified bitumen (an asphalt-like substance) and fibreglass combine to form a heavy-duty, moisture-resistant roof. Our contractors can install this as a new roof or place it over a damaged roof.

Century Roofing Limited also has experienced contractors who can provide you with sloped roofing option that includes cedar shakes and shingles, laminate shingles, and metal roofing - a 100 percent recyclable material.

Roofing Products & Services in Calgary
Century Roofing Limited has established a reputation within the insurance community for our integrity, commitment to quality, and superb customer service. If you are paying for a roof repair using insurance coverage, use Century Roofing to get your repairs done right. And to protect our customers, we have liability insurance coverage for all our projects.

Whether you need a new roof or simply need replacement shingles, call Century Roofing Limited at 403-235-5457. We specialize in roofing projects and offer free estimates.