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Alberta may be known worldwide for its oil and gas industry, but residents and business owners are excited to diversify the province's energy future by exploring solar energy. The Alberta Government recently announced a new, $36-million rebate program to make solar panel installation more affordable for home owners, business owners, and non-profits. The Calgary roofing, roof shingles, and roofing supplies experts at Century Roofing Limited are excited to tell all of our residential and commercial clients about this fantastic program.

The Residential and Commercial Solar Program aims to cut the cost of residential solar panel installations by 30%, and the cost of commercial solar panel installations by 25%. It also hopes to create 900 new solar sector jobs in Alberta by 2019, as well as to reduce provincial greenhouse gas emissions by half a million tons. Such a reduction would be equivalent to removing 100,000 passenger vehicles from Alberta's roads.

The Residential and Commercial Solar Program comes at an opportune time. Solar uptake has doubled in the province since 2015, thanks in large part to initiatives such as the Alberta Municipal Solar Program for municipal facilities and the On-Farm Solar PV Program for farms. This new solar program takes aim at homes and businesses, with an end goal of creating at least 10,000 new solar roofs on residential, multi-residential, and small commercial buildings.

Alberta has abundant solar resources. While some people might think our northerly location prohibits solar power generation, this is simply not the case. Alberta's long summer days will allow home and business owners to generate power during all but a few night time hours, and solar arrays can be optimized to capture the maximum amount of sunlight during the winter. Alberta's clear prairie skies and relatively few days of overcast and precipitation make it an ideal location for the generation of solar energy.

As exciting as the prospect of more affordable solar panels is, home and business owners should take a moment to think about the state of their roof. If your roof is getting on in age or if it has extensive damage, then getting a roof replacement from a trusted Calgary roofing company before you install solar panels over top of it can be a good idea. Solar panels can last for up to 20 years. You don't want to go through the hassle of removing your solar panels for the sake of installing a new roof just a few years after you've had them installed.

The roofers at Century Roofing Limited can make sure that your roof is fit to carry the weight of a solar panel array for a long time to come with quality roofing shingles and roofing supplies in Calgary. We provide residential and commercial roofing for flat and sloped roofs, as well as residential and commercial siding installation.

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If you're interested in securing new siding and roofing for your Calgary home before you take advantage of the fantastic Residential and Commercial Solar Program rebates, just contact Century Roofing Limited today.