Spring Roof Maintenance in Calgary

As spring comes to Calgary, it’s time to turn our heads up and feel the warmth of the sun and warming breezes on our faces. While you’re looking up and enjoying the weather, experts across the country, including the professional roofing contractors at Century Roofing Limited, suggest checking your roof.

A tough winter can be hard on your roof, as it bears the snow, wind, and ice throughout the season. Keeping water or moisture from making its way into your home prevents the damage and mould potential which can negatively affect your finances and health. To ensure your roof survived unscathed, and to provide it some maintenance, here are a few tips to help you in those efforts.

Rain runs down your roof and collects in the eavestroughs and downspouts, making them an important part of your roof system. Inspect for structural damage from icicles and ice dams, and then clean out the eavestroughs and downspouts to ensure the rain water can drain off and away.

For the actual roof inspection, start by checking the condition of the shingles on your roof. If your shingles are cracked, bubbling, or otherwise distorted, you should consider replacement and have a roofing contractor come out and give you an expert opinion.

Next, check the flashing – it connects different elements of your roof like around skylights, chimneys, plumbing vents, or where two slopes of the roof come together. Check for cracked caulking around the flashing, re-caulk if necessary, as well as rust spots on the flashing indicating a potential for leaks.

Then, check to see if the soffits or fascia have any soft spots, holes, or damaged parts. Soffits are metal or wood panels along the underside of the roof between the wall of the house and the roofline, while fascia are the metal or wood boards along the roofline or behind the eavestroughs.

Finally, destruction caused by ice dams can result in water damage on your roof, your ceilings, your insulation, and so on. As ice builds, it forces cracks to open under shingles and where flashing points meet. Properly sloped roofs, clean eavestroughs, and a well-insulated attic are all preventative measures.

Other preventative maintenance measures include trimming trees that hang over your roof or cutting off dying or dead branches. According to many roofing contractors, trees and branches that are simply too close to the roof are the number one cause of roof damage.

Call your Calgary Roofer for Inspection

Finally, if you’re not confident doing the spring roof maintenance tune-up yourself, make sure you call Century Roofing Limited, and one of our knowledgeable roofing contractors will professionally assess the damage, provide you with a clear, written estimate, and complete the repairs efficiently and without delay. With an established reputation within the insurance community for our integrity, quality, and superb customer service we’re happy to work with you and your insurer.

To schedule a free estimate for roof repair in Calgary, at your home or business, contact Century Roofing Limited today online or by phone at 403-235-5457.