The Effects of Harsh Winters and Hot Summers

Your Roofing Pros in Calgary Discuss Roof Repairs and Replacement

The weather certainly can take a toll on your roof. The heat and rays of the sun in summer may lead to fading and weakening. Rain, snow, hail, sleet, wind, and frigid temperatures in winter can result in the erosion of roofing materials.

Fortunately, the experienced roofing contractors at Century Roofing Limited are ready to assist. Whether your roof requires some basic repairs or a full replacement, we are equipped to do the job.

Should You Get it Repaired or Have it Replaced? 

As you examine your roof after another season of harsh weather, you may see a variety of areas that need be repaired. However, you might wonder whether simply replacing the roof would make more sense.

Consider these points when deciding to repair or replace your roof:

• Damaged Shingles – Sometimes, a particularly severe storm can cause tree limbs to fall on the roof. While the ensuing damage may look extensive, it does not necessarily mean that you need a new roof. Your roof might simply require new shingles to replace the ones that have been torn off or otherwise damaged. On the other hand, if your roof has shingles that have buckled and curled after several seasons, paying for a roof replacement could be the more cost-effective option.
• Roof Valleys: Roof valleys are long troughs placed strategically at the junctures where the sloped sections of a roof meet. Like roof gutters, these valleys may become clogged with leaves and other debris. If this is allowed to happen, then the winter weather can have a major impact on the condition of your roof. Most roof valleys are designed to endure for a long time, but clogging can lead to corrosion and leaks. If left unattended, this kind of damage may ultimately mean that you need to replace your entire roof.
• Daylight: Can you see natural light peeking through cracks in the ceiling of your attic? If so, you may want to schedule a roof replacement before the winter weather can affect it further. Cracks that have made their way from the roof boards to the ceiling may be too complicated to repair and not worth the money. If there are multiple cracks in the ceiling, replacement is likely the most feasible option.
• Gutters: Another sign that your roof is near the end of its lifespan is the presence of granules in the gutters. Those granules may be originating from eroding shingles. If too many shingles have reached the point of erosion, replacing all of them might not be worth the money. 

Preparing Your Roof for the Next Season
The best way to prepare your roof for the upcoming weather is to have a professional make an assessment. Whether your roof needs to be replaced or repaired, Century Roofing Limited is ready to help. We are experienced in all aspects of roofing, from installation to maintenance and repair.

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