Things to Know When Choosing a Commercial Roofing Contractor

All commercial property owners need a roof that lasts for several years. The service life of roofs depends on the type of material used and workmanship offered. Reliable roofing contractors ensure the maximum lifespan of your roof and that it doesn’t need maintenance now and then. Century Roofing provides various services, including residential roofing, commercial roofing, roof maintenance and repair. We have been offering roofing services since 1981 and our team of skilled personnel are committed to customer satisfaction.

Quality roof installation is an essential investment for your business. You should be careful while hiring a commercial roofing contractor. If you hire the first roofing contractor that you come across or the one offering services at the cheapest rate, you might regret your decision later. Don’t select a contractor in a hurry and instead spend some time on research before selecting a reliable professional.

Have a look at a few important steps to take when hiring a commercial roofing contractor:

1.     Get Recommendations – You can ask your friends and family for reputable references or information on professionals with whom they have already worked. You can also search the internet to locate a reliable roofing contractor.


2.     Check Experience and Certification – Commercial roofs need to undergo routine inspections continually. So, it is imperative to hire roofing contractors who are experienced and certified. Trained professionals follow the right installation process and take proper safety precautions. You can check the website of the licensing and regulation department to find out whether they hold the license or not.


3.     Do They Provide Insurance and Warranty – Insured contractors make sure both you and the company’s workers are compensated if there is an accident or damage. Do get hold of the required documents for safekeeping purposes. Similarly, a warranty will protect you in case of damages or poor quality work.


4.     Interview the Potential Contractors – Note down a few probable contractors you would like to hire. After making a list, you can call them to take a quick phone interview. Make sure to get clear answers on the following:

a.     Company's full name and address - It will help you find out specific details of the contractors, such as establishing whether they have necessary roofing permits or not.

b.     References that they can provide - A reliable roofing contractor will not only provide you with a portfolio of their past jobs but also with past clients’ contacts. It will help you verify the details.

c.     Experience in handling similar projects - Also, tries to learn about their capacity in terms of equipment and workforce.

d.     Offered warranties - Have clarity about the terms and conditions of the warranties.


5.     Set up a Face to Face Meeting – Choose three to four contractors and set up a meeting with them. Explain your requirements clearly and get a written estimate of the expected costs.


6.     Sign a Contract – Sign a contract only after all your questions have been answered. Your contract should include the payment schedule, the scope of work, project deadlines and other terms. You should be comfortable with all the clauses.

Follow all these steps to get a valuable commercial roofing contractor. For a long-lasting roofline, read our blog for five roof maintenance tips.

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