What Factors Affect a Roof Estimate? Useful Information from Your Roofing Pros in Calgary

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How We Arrive at an Estimate
Several factors may affect how we ultimately arrive at an estimate. When you are aware of these factors, it may be easier to understand how we determine a price, as well as the best solution for a job. Consider these points:

• Warranty – If we need to make repairs to your roof and it came with a warranty, this could affect the price that we quote you. Depending on the kind of warranty you have, we may be required to take extra steps in order to adhere to its terms. That could mean charging more for additional labour or materials.
• Roof Style – A more complicated roof style will typically lead to extra labour for our crew. If you have a very simple roof layout, we probably will not need to spend more time on it than we normally would. However, a very complex style, such as a sloped Tudor roof with several gables, could be more time intensive for our roofers.
• Size and Scope – Large buildings will naturally consume more time than smaller structures. If we are making easy repairs to a small home, the job would cost far less than installing a new roof on a massive commercial building.
• Damage – When we repair a roof, we need to consider the degree of damage that must be corrected. Replacing a few shingles does not take much time, effort, or material. On the other hand, a roof that has sustained extensive damage after a severe storm will cost much more to repair.
• Materials – The materials you choose for a new roof will have an impact on its price. Metal may be relatively costly, but its high level of durability could mean that you will not require another roof for many years. If you seek a relatively inexpensive material, laminate roofing would generally incur a lower price estimate than metal.
• Roof Fixtures – If your roof has added features, the price for a job could increase. Fixtures such as chimneys and skylights can be obstacles for roofers. We expect to navigate our way around such features for various jobs, but they do add to the length of time it takes to reach completion. 

We Offer Roofing Solutions in the Calgary Area
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