What Is Reroofing?

A Guide from the Leading Roofing Company in Calgary

Whether you need to repair or replace your roof, this is not a job to postpone. Neglecting a roof in disrepair can lead to further problems that could cost you more than necessary. One thing you should know is that in many cases, a roof might not need to be replaced entirely. The experts at Century Roofing Limited can help you decide whether your roof requires complete replacement, or if you might benefit from having it reroofed instead.

Exploring Reroofing and Roof Replacement
Once you understand the differences between roofing and roof replacement, you may have a better idea of what your roof requires. Here are the main factors you should consider:

1. What Is Reroofing? Instead of removing an old roof completely and replacing it, the roofers will place new shingles on top of the old shingles. Your “new” roof will then be made up of two layers of shingles.
2. Less Material – Because reroofing is implemented to repair your roof, fewer materials are needed to do this job.
3. Time Efficiency – A top advantage of reroofing instead of roof replacement is that reroofing does not require as much labor. Additionally, you do not need to wait while the original roof is removed, so the inconvenience is minimal.
4. Cost-Efficiency – Since reroofing requires less labor and fewer materials, it costs less overall.
5. Environmentally Friendly – Because reroofing involves less roofing material, it is a more environmentally sound solution.
6. Aesthetic Value – When a roof has sustained much cosmetic damage, reroofing could be a wise choice. If the shingles are very dirty or have become discolored, replacement should not be necessary. Reroofing in such circumstances can help to restore the visual appeal of your home.
7. One Time Only – If a roof has already been reroofed, it will need to be replaced the next time. A roofer cannot add a third layer to the roof. When the roof is in much disrepair again, the roofers will then need to remove both layers. After that, a new roof would be installed on your home.
8. When Reroofing Makes Sense – It could make more sense to reroof if your roof requires some repairs but is not in bad condition. When the roof is somewhat worn and looks unsightly, reroofing could be the answer. If the roof is not in total disrepair, reroofing can also provide some added protection from moisture.
9. When Replacement Is Better – When your roof is very worn or damaged, getting it replaced is generally a viable strategy. A water-damaged roof is a strong candidate for roof replacement. Other conditions that may require new roofing are when your roof is leaking, when moss and mildew are growing, and when the roof has lost many shingles.

Consult Century Roofing Limited for Your Roofing Needs
You do not need to be a roofing expert to determine whether your roof should be repaired or replaced. The professionals at Century Roofing Limited are qualified to make this assessment for you. We want you to get the most for your money, so we will recommend reroofing if that is the better option for your roof.

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