What to Look for when Hiring a Roofer

Whether you need to repair or replace your roof, one of the most important phases of the job will be hiring a qualified roofer. The right contractor will provide a roof that endures for many seasons. The wrong person could deliver a product that does not last as long as it should. Even worse, an inept or inexperienced worker could put your household at risk. 

Century Roofing Limited has a superb reputation in the Calgary area. We have been doing this kind of work for three generations, and we have had many happy customers along the way. We know that getting a new roof or repair job is an investment, and we are dedicated to providing quality materials and workmanship.

4 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Roofer

When you are looking for a roofer to do work at your home or business, you should cover a variety of details before you make a decision. Consider your initial meeting a job interview. Ask questions and voice any concerns you might have. If you do not feel comfortable with a prospective contractor, keep looking until you find someone who makes you feel confident that the job will be done in a safe, efficient and timely manner.

Asking the following questions may help you to find the right contractor for your roofing project:

1. Are you licensed, bonded, and insured? A serious, reputable contractor will take the steps necessary to protect customers. The contractor you hire should understand the importance of licensing and bonding. Liability insurance is a must. It protects the workers, the roofing company, and the clients from financial loss due to injury.
2. How much experience do you have? The more experience a roofer has, the better. Many aspects of roofing can only be learned on the job. If a candidate for your roofing project does not have much experience, you could find yourself stuck with a shoddy roof. Worse yet, the person could be injured while doing the work and cause you more stress.
3. May I view one of your current projects? If you really want to gain a sense of the final product you might expect, visit one of the company’s current work sites. You will be able to see how many workers are designated for the job, as well as what the roof looks like.
4. What kinds of warranties are available? Before you agree to repairs or a new roof, find out whether the product comes with a warranty. Also, ask whether the work itself is covered by a warranty. You need to have written assurance that you will be compensated in the event of a flaw in the product or workmanship. 

Never Be Afraid to Ask Questions
If a potential roofer is not interested in answering your questions, move on to other prospects. The contractor you hire should always be willing to address your concerns. The team at Century Roofing Limited welcomes your questions, and we will do everything within our power to put your mind at ease. You can always be confident that our workers will take your roofing project seriously. 

We are a top roofing company in Calgary, and we look forward to working on your next roofing job. Give us a call at 403-235-5457, or use our online form to contact us.