Why Is a Roof Inspection So Important?

If you hire a skilled contractor who uses quality products, a good roof should last for many years. Also, it should not require numerous repairs unless your property has endured extreme weather, such as a tornado. 

To ensure that this important component of your house remains in top condition, we recommend periodic roof inspections. By having professionals perform such checks regularly, you could circumvent the need for early replacement or major repairs. Century Roofing Limited has a solid reputation in the community, and we are equipped to provide inspections, maintenance, and repairs.

What an Inspection Might Entail
During a routine maintenance check, one of our technicians will check for a broad assortment of issues. By exploring the following checklist, you can gain a better sense of what such an examination may involve.

These are some of the areas or issues that our inspector might examine:

• Vents: Looking at the roof vents is a good way to start. Leaves, dirt, and debris can make their way inside these openings. If the vents become clogged, ice dams may form. This can lead to leaking inside your home.
• Seals: Another area to check is the seals around features such as vents, chimneys, skylights, and air ducts. These items might be sealed with a rubber boot, metal flashing, or both. If these materials become loosened or are beginning to deteriorate, bigger problems will arise without proper maintenance. Some of the signs of deterioration include cracks and rust.
• Tiles and Shingles: Any shingles or tiles that are cracked, broken, or missing could cause leaks to manifest. Other indications of damage include curling, buckling, and blistering. These materials are used to protect a waterproof barrier over the roof. Once that layer is no longer covered, exposure to the sun and other elements can result in erosion.
• Gutters: The gutters must also be scrutinized during an inspection. If these are clogged with debris and leaves, you could face damage to the structure. If granules have collected in the gutters, the shingles could be eroding at a rapid rate.

The Value of Maintenance and Repairs

The point of having your roof examined is so that any detected issues can be managed. Maintenance and repairs are essential to the longevity of this vital covering over the structure of your home.

Here are a few examples of roofing work that might be implemented after an inspection:
• Maintenance: We may need to remove debris that has accumulated on top of your house. We will check the usual problem areas, as well as look for any issues that could be developing.
• Repairs: Whether minor or more serious repairs are necessary, we will perform those in a timely manner. Our team might be called to simply replace a few shingles, or we may be needed to fix extensive damage from rain, snow, or fallen tree branches.

Experienced Roofing Contractors in Calgary 

Keeping your roof in good condition is crucial for a variety of reasons. It could increase both the curb appeal and the actual value of your home. By scheduling regular inspections and maintenance visits, you may prevent the need for expensive repair work. Performing repairs as needed could even make your roof last longer than it otherwise might.

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