Why You Need Gutter Protection Guards in Calgary

While you might appreciate the benefits of roof repairs or getting a new roof, are you aware of the value that protecting your gutters can yield? When you spend money on a roof and gutters, one of the easiest ways to ensure their longevity is to protect your investment with gutter shields.

At Century Roofing Limited, we know that most of our customers expect to use the products we deliver for a long time. This is a reasonable goal, and we want to help you achieve it. By having gutter protection installed, you could increase the lifespan of both your gutters and your roof. 

5 Benefits of Gutter Guards
Until you understand the advantages of using gutter guards, you might not understand just how beneficial these products are. We are happy to help you explore the benefits of gutter protection, so you can get the most from your roof and gutters. These are the top 5 reasons that countless property owners have chosen to have gutter guards installed at their homes or businesses:

1. Less Work – Gutter shields aid considerably in keeping your gutters free from debris. The less clogged that your gutters become, the less often they must be cleaned. While you might currently have them cleaned a few times a year, you may be able to reduce this to once or twice per year when you have gutter guards. You might even find that you only require cleaning every few years. Additionally, the amount of work involved will usually be reduced. If you take care of the cleaning yourself, this will save you time and energy that could be spent elsewhere. If you pay to have your gutters cleaned, you will save money due to the need for fewer, less intensive cleanings.
2. Preserve Your Gutters – Over time, wet or moist debris can cause your gutters to rust. Instead of allowing this kind of debris to accumulate, you can install gutter guards. They will minimize the amount of debris that collects in them, so you will not be forced to contend with the damage from rust.
3. Safety – If you prefer to clean your gutters yourself, cleaning them less often is always safer. Because your gutters will not require as much maintenance, you will not need to climb a ladder as often. You will also decrease your chances of being struck by falling objects during your cleaning sessions.
4. Protecting the Interior – When debris and water form clogs in your gutters, they can freeze when the temperatures drop. Once they begin to thaw, the buildup may result in water leaking through your roof and into your home. This could lead to costly water damage.
5. Roof Protection – In addition to protecting your gutters and the interior of your home, gutter guards can protect your roof and prevent structural damage. Thawing ice dams may cause roofing materials to deteriorate with time. Without adequate gutter protection, the structure of your roof and other parts of your building’s exterior could be at risk.

Protect Your Gutters, Roof, and Property
If you have spent money on roof shingles for your Calgary property, make sure your roof and gutters are protected. Gutter guards are an affordable preventative measure, and they could save you much time and money. The team at Century Roofing Limited is always ready to help you explore roofing supplies and accessories.

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