Wood Roof Shingles for Your Calgary Home

According to the Western Retail Lumber Association, there are nearly 1,200 member firms involved in the building supply industry in Western Canada. The reality is that Canadians love wood, as inhabitants of a resource-rich country, Canadians have reaped the benefit of expansive forests. Not only do we build shelter from wood, but it encompasses a significant part of our trade economy.

At Century Roofing Ltd., we understand this love for wood and offer both cedar shingles and shakes, as a great solution for sloped roofs. With cedar roofing, most homeowners find the advantages far outweigh the disadvantages. Perhaps the greatest advantage of all is the natural beauty of cedar and the way in which it gracefully ages into a beautiful grayish silver tone.

Cedar wood is long-lasting, making it an ideal cost-saving roofing material. Cedar lasts at least 10 years longer than common roofing materials. Cedar wood shingles and shakes are also resistant to strong winds and are durable in hurricanes, heavy rains, hailstorms, snowstorms and other types of severe storms that frequent Calgary.

Cedar wood roofs are also energy efficient, providing a natural insulation up to two times that of asphalt shingles. This allows you to conserve home heating and cooling costs, and significantly save on energy bills while using an eco-friendly roofing material.

It also offers choices in its appearance. Shakes refer to basic wood shingles made from split logs, which gives them a more textured and natural look. Regular wood shingles come from sawn logs, which make them look more even and orderly. For example, shingles were the siding of choice for the post Victorian ‘Shingle Style’ of the late 19th century, as well as for the many styles of the Arts and Crafts Period.

Making the right choice for your home depends on your individual needs, including the home surroundings in terms of trees and sun exposure, your desired maintenance commitment and, of course, your budget.

At Century Roofing Ltd., our wood shingles and shakes capture these benefits, ensuring energy efficiency and eco-friendliness, they’re light weight for easy installation, are low maintenance and beautiful - few roofing materials capture natural beauty better than wood.

Cedar Wood Shingles & Roofing Materials in Calgary

At Century Roofing Ltd., we’ve been installing new roofs in Calgary since 1981, so you can depend on our experience and dedication. We only choose from the highest quality wood, and we carefully match that wood to the style of your home. To learn more about our roof shingles, have us answer your questions, or receive a free quote, call us at 403-235-5457 today.