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Affordable Roof Replacement Services in Calgary

Roof Replacement

Having a strong roof ensures protection of your family against rain, wind and snow. But, what if it starts leaking and loses its resistance due to weather changes? The first thing people try to do in such case is fixing the problem on their own. It is not only dangerous, but you can end up with costly repairs. Hence, it is advisable to call an expert for this job. Some extensive roofing problems cannot be repaired, and the only option you can consider is replacement. When you need professionals’ help, look no further than Century Roofing Ltd. For over three decades, we have been serving our customers with quality roof replacement in Calgary.


At Century Roofing Ltd., we can give you complete roof replacement across Calgary to help you secure and safeguard your home or office against the elements. Roof replacement also helps you lend strength to your structure. Regardless of the kind of roof you want for your home, we can provide you with a sloping roof or a flat roof constructed as per your specific requirements. We can provide partial or complete roof replacement for your home. Call us today for a quote on our customized services.

Reliable Roof Replacement in Calgary

We can promptly replace your roof after a thorough inspection of the damage caused to your roof due to various external and structural factors. Our experts recommend the best roofing solutions specially suited to the size of your home as well as your specific requirements. Whether your roof has been damaged due to bad weather or has developed faultlines and cracks due to leakages and broken shingles, we can provide you with a complete replacement service without wasting any time. Our services are prompt and reliable and we take pride in providing you with replacement solutions in Calgary.



Combining Experience With Expertise

Our workmen have years of expertise when it comes to providing roof replacement services in Calgary. Over the years they have gathered prowess in carrying out any scale of repair jobs for all types of structures, be they residential, commercial or institutional. Whether you need roof replacement for your home, office or warehouse, you can rest assured that Century Roofing Ltd. can provide you with the solutions you are looking for.

Customized Roofing Solutions

No matter what kind of issue you have encountered with your roof, you can get complete solutions at Century Roofing Ltd. We can provide you with a one-stop-solution to all your roof problems. Whether you are facing the problem of a moist roof caused by condensation and roof damming or you are simply looking to improve the ventilation within your home, we can provide you precise solutions after taking into account your concerns. Our expert team is adept at resolving all types of issues by efficient roof replacement in Calgary.

Signs of Roofing Problem

You may have to replace the roof of your house once or twice. But, everyone is not aware of roofing problems, and people keep ignoring warning signs until it turns into something big. Call our roofing experts when you notice the following signs:

  • Damage due to bad weather

  • Leaky roofs and broken shingles

  • Mould and mildew growing on the roof

  • Existing roof is too old

  • Damage due to faulty repairs

  • Corroded roof valley

  • Holes in your roof

  • Stains and moist ceiling due to water damage

  • Damaged chimney flashing

  • Sunlight seeping from the ceiling

  • Granules in the gutter

The real damages to your property can be hidden unless you schedule an inspection. Experts can help you identify the severity of problems and help you with customized solution. Century Roofing Ltd. is committed to helping you avoid the uncertain situation that can ruin the peace of your mind.

Why choose us?

You can count on us for metal roofing, siding and roof maintenance services. We execute effective work with proper planning and coordination. While working with us, you can be assured of our prompt services and quality deliverables. We specialize in historical restorations, custom designing and installations. At Century Roofing Ltd., we provide our clients with residential and commercial roofing solutions. Our company is professionally affiliated with BBB, and we are a proud member of Alberta Allied Roofing Association. While working on any site, we make sure to follow building codes and essential safety regulations. Our combined knowledge and experience can improve the look and functionality of the roofing system.

Our team takes care of roof assessment, replacement, installation and site cleanup. We make sure to install quality roofing materials so that it will last long. If you want to enhance the value of your house, it’s better to conduct timely inspection and repairs. Contact us when in need of affordable roof replacement services in Calgary.

Reliable Roof Replacement in Calgary

We can provide you with a complete replacement of your damaged roof.

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