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Emergency Roofing Services

Specialized Emergency Roofers in Calgary

Emergency roofing problems may occur due to sudden storms, flooding or fire accidents. These situations are very unpredictable and uncertain. You may need roof replacement and repair services in such cases. Do not try repairing your damaged roofs on your own as there is a risk of being injured. You may also fail to assess the actual damages without any professional inspection. It is important to seek expert’s help as every residential and commercial property has different roofing requirements. Century Roofing Ltd has vast knowledge in addressing your roofing problems. You can count on us when in need of emergency roofing services in Calgary.

Experienced Quality Emergency Roofer Services


We take every project seriously and ensure delivering quality workmanship. We also help you with custom-designed financing programs provided by the Simply Group Financing. Century Roofing Ltd specializes in new construction, re-siding and re-roofing services. For over 38 years, we have been providing reliable roofing solutions to our clients. Our team is committed to delivering efficient and prompt services to you. You can reach out to us for your roofing, siding, maintenance and repair needs. We also help you in dealing with commercial and residential roofing services. From roof inspection to replacement and maintenance, we can do them all.

We can repair and replace all types of roofing such as:

  • Flat roofing

  • Sloped roofing

  • Metal roofing

  • Asphalt roofing shingles

  • Laminate roof shingles

  • Wood roofing shingles

We only choose from the highest-quality wood, and we carefully match that wood to the style of your home.

Common Roofing Problems

Roofs are one of the crucial elements of your house or property. These keep you and your family safe from extreme weather conditions. You may encounter roofing problems due to lack of maintenance. If left unattended, these problems can cause vulnerable damages to the entire building leading to expensive repairs in the future. It is advisable to conduct regular roof inspection and maintenance to identify potential issues. Addressing the roofing problems immediately can help you avoid expensive repairs in the future. You can reach out to us if you experience the following roofing problems:

  • Roof leaks: A leaking roof can cause considerable damage to your structure if neglected for a prolonged period. If you find any holes or broken shingles, it is important to restore them immediately.
  • Snow & ice damages: Heavy deposit of snow may cause your gutters to get damaged or broken.  Without adequate repair, the water runs down the side of your home and causes your siding to rot. 
  • Missing or broken shingles: As your roof ages, it is common for the shingles to break. Hence, water can seep through and damage the ceiling, woodwork and walls of your home.
  • Loss of granules: Over time, the granules between the shingles may get eroded due to running water. Granule loss is a typical outcome of prolonged exposure to the elements and, must be timely fixed.
  • Cracked roof vents: Cracked roof vents can cause running water to seep into your home, causing damage to your house's fittings and fixtures, leading to various other problems.
  • Standing water on the roofs: Standing water on your roof can seep into your home and cause structural damage to your ceiling and walls. It is essential to seal the crevices to ensure that the water does not stand on your roof.
  • Vent flashing failure: Whether you have trouble with a boot or an all-metal flashing, we can replace your vents without any delay.
  • Hail damages: Hail can cause considerable damage to your roof. Ignoring the hail damage causes more significant structural problems to your roof and should be restored immediately.
  • Splitting shingles: Splitting often occurs due to varying temperatures. Shingles expand in warm temperatures putting pressure on the joints, which can be dangerous for the roof.
  • Sagging and dripping roofs: Sagging and dripping roof can make your structure weak, hampering your house's structural integrity.  
  • Fascia damages: Fascia damage should never be ignored as it is a critical part of your house. We have the expertise to repair all kinds of damage to your home's fascia.
  • Mould or fungus growth: The growth of fungus or mould can block your gutters, and thus it is vital to fix the problem at the earliest without any delay.
  • Cracked ridge caps: Broken or damaged ridges can block ventilation and airflow. It is crucial to replace any damaged ridge caps to ensure no further damage.
  • Misplaced nails: A regular inspection of your roof ensures that any absent or missing nails are restored before any damage to the structure can be done.

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Roofing problems need immediate attention to prolong the lifespan of your roof. Calling any professional for emergency roofing services can cost you more, but these situations are inevitable. You can rely on us in such cases, and we will help you assess the damages caused.

Based on the severity of your roofing condition, we can provide affordable solutions to you. Contact us today in case of emergency roofing services in Calgary. You can also request free estimates from us, and we’ll revert to you at the earliest.

Your Trusted Emergency Roofer in Calgary

When it comes to your roofing needs, trust the expertise of seasoned emergency roofers of Calgary.

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