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Professional Siding Contractors in Calgary

Century Roofing Ltd offers residential and commercial customers professional siding installations of all siding and exterior products, except for stucco and concrete. We proudly give our valued customers residential and commercial vinyl siding installation throughout most of Calgary.


Regardless of whether it's vinyl siding, aluminum siding, or wood siding, all of them add a particular appeal to your home or property and protect it from brutal climate conditions. Century Roofing Limited is one of the best siding organizations that conduct a careful assessment of your siding. We provide affordable repair, replacement, and installation with the help of our skilled siding contractors in Calgary. You can trust our contractors to add oomph to your exteriors with spotless and lovely siding.

When you need eavestrough and siding installation in Calgary, give us a call right away. We are ready to work with you to protect your home and enhance its value.

We Can Cater to All Your Siding Needs

While some of our competitors only offer vinyl siding installation, Century Roofing Limited offers siding in a variety of materials to better suit your home:

  • Aluminum

  • Composite

  • Steel

  • Vinyl

  • Wood

In addition to choosing siding that matches the appearance of your home, you should also consider upkeep and warranty. Century Roofing Limited admits that not all siding is created equal. That is why we ensure to give you a durable product that resists cracks and weather erosion regardless of which type of siding you choose.

Since 1981, we have satisfied our customers through siding services as a top priority. Call us to learn how we can handle your siding needs.

Continuous Eavestroughing

Once we have taken care of your vinyl siding installation, you will want to protect it as much as possible. We also offer quality continuous eavestroughing services. Eavestroughing is a better, improved version of traditional gutters.

We will install the appropriate eavestroughs on your fascia. Our eavestroughs come in aluminum or steel, 5” or 6,” and are readily available in various sizes to create the perfect match for your residence.

Soffit and Fascia

Century Roofing Limited in Calgary offers aluminum and steel soffit and fascia installations. If you’re looking to upgrade your home, we can provide all the roofing services for soffit and fascia repairs. Keep your home looking beautiful and clean with Century Roofing Limited, servicing Calgary, Alberta, and surrounding areas.

Upgrade Your Property With New Siding

When you choose to fix or replace your siding, you add curb appeal to your home. Our knowledgeable and skilled siding contractors in Calgary will readily help you in picking the ideal siding for your home, regardless of its style or construction. We deal with everything from removing your current siding to installing a brand-new siding. We make sure that we clean your home once our work is done so you can sit back and marvel at your upgraded exterior instead of worrying about the clean-up.


Your home’s exteriors need routine upkeep and support to remain in great condition. Occasional pressure washing helps keep your siding clean; however, you will have to do a complete siding replacement after a certain time. Long periods of harsh climate conditions and harm from bugs can make your siding break down. We can give you the best siding service in Calgary.


As a layperson, it can be difficult to tell when your siding requires repairs or a possible replacement. However, neglecting the damage can often worsen it, which leads to more expenses later. As siding contractors in Calgary, we recommend paying attention to the following signs:

  • Faded colouring: Siding materials should hold their colour for as long as their lifespan. Your faded siding is probably at the end of its lifespan and not functioning efficiently. 
  • Mould and rot: The presence of mould and mildew means moisture between your inner walls and siding. It would be best to replace any siding that is rotting or has mould because it is weakened and exposes your property to the elements. 
  • Bubbling and blistering: Constant exposure to heat and moisture can cause your siding to develop bubbles and blisters. We can find out the cause of the damage and replace the affected area. 
  • Cracks and gaps: If your siding has sustained damages due to bad weather or regular wear and tear, it is best to speak to our siding contractors. 
  • Unusually high energy bills: If you have a sudden spike in your energy bills, damages to your roof's structure could be affecting your insulation envelope. If you've ruled out all other possibilities, damages to siding could be to blame. 

Visit our blog page to read informative content about roofing materials, reroofing, metal roofs, sidings and more.


When looking for house siding in Calgary, homeowners can trust Century Roofing Limited to offer innovative, energy-efficient and competitively priced services. With a wide range of siding options available, you can revamp your home’s siding and eavestrough at an affordable price. Whether you need new siding installation or siding repair, our siding contractors in Calgary provide top-quality products and services to solve all your problems. Let our group of experts help make the fundamental siding fixes you need immediately.


Free Estimates Available

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